Code Red Kill Bill Rally Continues Sunday March 21 Capitol Hill Washington DC

Rep. Steve King addressed a large crowd of concerned citizens this evening from the steps of Capitol Hill and said that their voice was heard inside of the Capitol Building! The crowd surrounding the Capitol today made a difference: deem and pass was killed today, and the noise from the crowds could be heard inside of the rules committee meeting and actually caused them to stop and move.

Rep. King asked concerned American citizens who want to kill the health care bill to come back to capitol hill on Sunday, March 21 at 11:00 - that is the time when there will be a prayer service inside of the capitol for the first time in 100 years. He said that it is vitally important for the voice of the people to be heard on Sunday before the vote on health care reform in the afternoon.The vote is expected to be at about 2:00, but concerned citizens should be present before then and let their voice be heard.

Picture below: Rep. Steve King (Iowa), flanked by three other congressional representatives, addresses a large crowd from steps of the Capitol building on Saturday night.


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