Code Red Rally, Kill The Bill Saturday March 20 In Washington DC, Protest Health care Bill

Pelosi wants the House to make a momentous vote Sunday on the health care reform bill. Rep. Steve King and actor Jon Voight are asking freedom-loving citizens to come to D.C. tomorrow for one final attempt to kill the bill before Congress is expected to vote on the bill Sunday.

What: Kill The Bill Rally
Where: Washington, D.C., Capitol steps
When: 12:00 pm

Michele Bachman recently said:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) informed Tea Partiers they had “won every inning” of the health care fight and were in the “bottom of the ninth.” After her speech, she made it clear to reporters: “I think it’s a flip of a coin right now whether it will pass or not.”

Show your support by attending or getting your friends to attend the rally! TexasGOPVote will be attending the Code Red Kill the Bill rally, so if you cannot make it, check here for live updates from the event.


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