Col Robert Casias Reports from the RPT 2010 Convention

Retired military officer, Colonel Robert A. Casias, comes to the RPT 2010 Convention because because he is concerned with the out-of-control government, the leaders in the both the House and Senate who do not listen, and the outrageous spending! He says that he heard a recent estimate that said in five years the debt will be at $19 trillion!

We need to go back to a limited national government, strong national defense, securing our borders, and the basic principles that were outlined in our Constitution. 

Col. Casias tells of his support for Francisco "Quico" Canseco who is running against Pelosis puppet, Ciro Rodriquez, in the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. He is a Constitutional Conservative and is desperately needed in the House of Representatives! He also explains his support of then candidate for RPT Chairman, Steve Munisteri. 

The grassroots people must take control of the government. The federal government must be responsive to the people!


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