Live Blog: March For America, Immigration Reform Rally, Sunday 3-21 in Washington, D.C.

11:00 (EST): A sunny day in Washington, DC today. There are 50,000 people expected to attend the March for America at the National Mall today.

1:30 (EST): Thousands of marchers from across the United States ascend upon the National Mall for today's march.

1:53 (EST): Geraldo Rivera takes the stage and discusses a murder in New York where some young men killed an immigrant. This was a hate crime that the youths called "beaner jumping". He says we need reform so we can end the less than humane treatment of the Latino community.

2:09 (EST): The first speaker takes the stage. She tells the crowd, "we are the workforce - in all sectors."

2:24 (EST): Singing of the Star Spangled Banner followed by the Pledge of Allegience is led by a group of Maryland school children followed by an invocation.

2:39 (EST): The March for America has announced their 5 demands:
1. Good legislation
2. Presidential leadership
3. Bipartisian leadership
4. Congressional action
5. Protect families

3:07 (EST): With tens of thousands of marchers already on the mall, hundreds more are still arriving in preparation for the march.

4:45 (EST): Massive crowd assembling for immigration reform- people of all different ethnicities. Republicans cannot ignore this if they want to stay relevant.

4:49 (EST): A speaker just announced that there are an estimated 500,000 people here for March For America!

5:05 (EST): Marchers explain this is a yymbol of a mother separated from her children.

More and more protesters keep pouring in.

"No more O bla bla bla ma! Take Action or you can lose our support!"

Text "Justice" to 6986

Conservative Latino

5:51 (EST): The amount of people here is unbelievable! The streets are being overrun, and the traffic is blocked. The Republicans will be doomed if they do not help find a sensible solution to immigration.

5:54 (EST): The groups are many and diverse, some are loosely organized coalitions.

6:09 (EST): Marchers stop in front of Capitol buiding.

The Call to action - the next steps to be taken by today's marchers:

"You said 'Yes We Can'"

Street sign at the Capitol "Left Wing Only"

Crowd marching past the Capitol.


John McCain and the Republican Party are done, they have cooked their own goose.  Good day!

Go back to your country.  Don't ruin our country like you have done your own.  If you were so good at influencing your country's success, why did you have to leave?  All I hear is how great you make things.  Well prove it in your own country.  At least there you can't blame an American for screwing things up! I know for a fact you guys don't pay taxes, can't even register your cars, and look at ways to scam the system.  How about obtaining your citizenship like everyone else does in the world?  The legal way.  Oh yeah, you don't have to.  You just play the Latino card!    Well KMA!

Hey Compliant American,
Latinos are not ruining your country; Americans have done that all on their own.  Why don't you blame all the American companies that are hiring illegals so they can avoid paying taxes and avoid paying minimum wages.  It's a simple rule of supply and demand.  If the demand wasn't here for illegal labor, then there would be no supply.  So, quit blaming Latinos for trying to come here and work.  Blame the companies that are hiring them, such as the City of New Orleans.  After Katrina, the entire city was rebuilt on illegal labor. 

here in NYC there are NY Times articles about the day labor population going homeless due to the economic downturn like it's the united states fault. WOW, below the texas border there is a drug war in Mexico, that mexico can not handle with out the u.s. aid we give them, except for some south american countries that have stable economies, it is a waste land of poverty and dispare due to the cultural issues not being dealt with.

For your information, this country would be lost without Latinos. They do all the jobs that Americans like you don't want to do!!!! They do the lowest paying jobs and you don't see them complaining. They just want to have equal rights like you would want to too. Without Latinos this country would be broke and wouldn't be as powerful as it is today. They need cars to get to their jobs just to feed their children. I think that you are inhumane. Instead of ruining this country, we are fixing it. Also, Latinos do pay taxes, just ignorant people like yourself don't really know what they talk about. What proof do you have of that? You don't live in the shoes of Hispanics, so you will never understand what they go through. You just sit back and relax and let the Latinos do the hard jobs for you. Your are really ignorant and I think that people like you should go to H-E-L-L!

Before criticizing immigrants why don't you do your part and actually read the laws in this country before you are so quick to judge.  If you knew anything at ALL, which it appears you do not, you would know that to become a resident in this country the "legal" way takes 13 years maybe more, in this time families are expected to stay in this country and wait in limbo without so much as a temporary worker's card. How are Immigrants expected to live and survive in this country without working?  Explain to me how this makes sense.  Its inhumane.  Stop being a racist buffoon and utilize your resources.  America was built on hardworking immigrants.  Maybe your mentality would have been different had the Native American's killed and ensalved the Anglo-Saxons in the time of colonization.  Maybe, then you wouldnt be so prejudiced and think that there is such a thing as a superior race.  Don't be an animal, and don't generalize.  If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that even Homeland Security and the Social Security Bureau know that 60 percent of immigrant families here PAY TAXES.  If you were really knowledgeable at all you would know that.  Don't make yourself look like an ass. Stop being a racist.

I don't know wear you got 13yrs at but I work with several LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and they got there's a lot sooner than that ( I guess if you try it makes a big difference). The ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT families should not be here to begin with without proper papers. The LEGAL IMMIGRANTS I work with dont want the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS here any more than most of the U.S. because it takes away from there jobs as much as ours. They should not even be here to live and survive without at least a GREEN CARD. My resourses say that 10's of thousands of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS come here every month to total  an est. 40 million ILLEGAL people in a country with 300 million pop, you do the math for the next 20 years or so and see what you come up with. We are talking about NOW not hundreds of years ago when the population was a fraction of today. Nobody thinks there superior, we just want it done in the right manor so not to be overwhelmed. We know they pay taxes while there here, but when they only stay for six months and then go back with cash to spend it in there country for the other six months what taxes do they pay? Not to mention they live like Kings there because of the $ difference. I've known several to come back with different ID's and different S.S. numbers and they get away with it. You try it and see how far you get.  

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