Statement on Justice Stevens’ Retirement Announcement

I released the following statement after Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced his intention to retire this summer:

Justice Stevens devoted his career to our nation’s judicial system, participating in some of the most important cases in our history. While he and I may have different judicial philosophies, I thank Justice Stevens for his service, and I wish him well in his retirement.

Our nation deserves a Supreme Court nominee who is committed to deciding cases impartially based on the law, not on personal politics, preferences, or what’s in the nominee’s "heart." It is my expectation that Senators on both sides of the aisle will work to ensure both a dignified and respectful process for our next nominee.



Good luck with that wish Johnny Boy...sit back and weep.  Are you people from this planet?  Obama is going to put the most liberal he can in the office and you can't do a thing about it because you Republicans let America all goes back to that....the Republicans let the whole country down and let us get into this shape.  You are one of the ones to blame.....

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