No ‘Do Overs’ Mr. President

As I was listening to the Progressives reflect on the recent debate performance of President Obama and Governor Romney, I had a familiar phrase come running through my mind. “Do Over!” As a reminder, a “Do Over!” is a non obligatory grant of a second chance to accomplish a certain goal (usually athletic) by a competitor. It is only offered after some type of intervening cause that unfairly interrupts the original chance. And it is a grant that is requested (not demanded) by the losing competitor. There is no “right” to a “Do Over.”

I have not heard a “Do Over” request in a long time. Especially not by an adult. But as I sat listening to the apologists for Obama’s debate performance, the phrase “Do Over” kept coming in to my head. It was clear that what the apologists were asking for was a “Do Over” for the President’s debate performance. Apologist in chief, Al Gore, suggested that the President’s poor acclimation to the altitude in Denver was to blame for his poor debate performance. Others claimed that Governor Romney did not play fair in that he (Romney) ran over the President and the moderator with his words. In reality, there was no unfair influence in the debate competition. Romney won fair and square.

As I heard more and more rhetoric coming from the President’s apologists, I chuckled to myself when I realized what else was going on. Not only were the apologists asking for a “Do Over” for the debate, but they were also asking for a “Do Over” for the President’s first term. So is the President entitled to a “Do Over” for his first term? Hardly! The first two years of his term as President, the President enjoyed a Democrat controlled House and filibuster proof Senate. The President could do just about anything he wanted to. And he did. And he did fail – both on domestic issues and on foreign policy issues. In reality, the quest for the Presidency is a contest as much as the debates are. Mr. President, you had your fair shot at the Presidency with no unfair interference.

Mr. President, you can ask for a “Do Over” term but you can’t have one. You have had your shot and you missed fair and square. You are not entitled to another four years.


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