Unearthed: Bill White's "Original" Cap and Trade Memo!

The following was sent in from the Republican Party of Texas:

During Wednesday night's event with Mitt Romney in Houston, Gov Rick Perry mentioned a Bill White memo that has been making the rounds this week. In that 2008 memo, Bill White explained how the incoming Obama administration could sell cap and trade, a policy that would hurt Texas and our energy industry tremendously. The memo also seems to be Mr. White's audition for a job in the Obama administration, which is funny, because he has spent the past several months trying to put some daylight between himself and both cap and trade and the Obama administration itself. The cap and trade memo's existence suggests that when Obama's star was on the rise, Bill White sought to hitch himself to it.

Well, during our research into this memo and what it might mean, we stumbled onto a golden nugget: We found what appears to be the "Original" memo containing Bill White's true thoughts on cap and trade. As you'll see, it's quite revealing. Here's a screen shot of the opening paragraph.


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