Republican Party of Texas 2010 Convention - June 11 & 12; Dallas TX - Texas GOP Vote Wants to Hear From YOU!

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Texas GOP Vote will be covering the Republican Party of Texas 2010 Convention in Dallas next month. Texas GOP Vote wants to know what issues are important to readers! What updates would you like to hear about from the convention? What issues matter the most to you?

Texas GOP Vote will be covering the convention from beginning to end - from committee meetings to the General Sessions...and everything in between.

The Republican Party of Texas 2010 Convention will be held at the Dallas Convention Center. Tentative Schedule of Events:
Temporary Committee Meetings
Temporary Committee Meetings
Temporary Committee Meetings
SREC Meeting
Volunteer Training Session (9 am)
Registration (Noon – 7pm)
Trade Show (Noon – 7pm)
Registration (9am – 7pm)
Trade Show (9am – 7pm)
Caucus Chair Training Session (8:30 am)
First General Session (Noon)
Senatorial District Caucuses (4pm)
Republican Party of Texas Banquet (7pm – 9pm)
Permanent Committee Meetings (8pm)
Registration (6:45am – 1pm)
Prayer Rally (7am – 8am)
Trade Show (7am – 4pm)
Senatorial District Caucuses (9am) 
Permanent State Nominations Committee Meeting (11am)
Second General Session (Noon)
SREC Meeting (on recess)
***Times are subject to change.

What does the TexasGOPVote community want to hear about? Please comment below explaining which issues are most important to you!



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I am very disappointed in the information regarding the convention.  I have googled for the State Convention looking for information on who is going to speak, how to buy tickets for the banquet, who will be speaking the banquet..but the information isn't available.

Very disappointing.

Diane Rowland

TexasGOPVote is an independent conservative blog is working to share all the information we can. Some of the details of the events are still changing too. The RPT staff is small and working very hard to organize the largest political convention in the US. We will share the detailed information about speakers as soon as it is available. Your idea of providing information about banquets is excellent and we will try to do that right away. In the meantime, here are some links...

I hope to hear that the GOP will stop mouthing words about big gov, fiscal responsibility. conservative values, that they will support true conservative people, stop supporting true liberals because they belong to the Gop, that they realize people are not sending them money because they take our hard earned money and give it to leftist like Dede S. in New York, who had the praise and support of ole Newt, over a true conservative. That they will start standing up for the Constitution, that they will start speaking out about the progressives in their own party instead of defending them because they're Rep. The Rep party has not been conservative since Ron. R. You will always have RAH RAH's in any party, great words, no action. The GOP is doomed to failure unless it goes back to its roots, honesty and honor


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