Steve Munisteri Elected As Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Steve Munisteri - 4295 Votes, Cathie Adams - 2950 Votes

The election for Republican Party of Texas Chairman was held in Saturday's General Session. The candidates were current RPT Chairman Cathie Adams, Tom Mechler, and Steve Munisteri.

Vice Chairman Robin Armstrong came out to speak highly of Cathie Adams. He explained that the RPT is responsible to elect the most conservative people in office to lead Texas. He and Cathie have managed, led, and fought hard for the conservative values!

He said that Adams has fought for justice for the unborn for the past 30 years!

He also said that they understand that border security is important and that he and Cathie Adams will continue to fight for this issue.

As a physician, Armstrong says he understands first hand how this government overhaul will destroy our economy and that he will work to make sure this bill is appealed!

Each candidate then gave a final speech before the delegates voted for Chairman.

Cathie Adams:

Cathie Adams said that when you decide who to vote for, you look at indicators. "What has the person been doing for the past 30 years? "I have been with you!" She explained that she has been fighting for the same things we have all been fighting for.

She made some other points, including, "The US ought to get out of the UN and the UN ought to get out of the US!" She said she will fight against the Kyoto Protocol, which will only cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. She will also fight for private industry because that is what creates jobs, not government! And of course, she will continue to fight hard for the unborn.

Tom Mechler:

Tom Mechler explains that this is a very, very critical election for chairman. There has not been a more important election in 14-16 years because we now have a path to correct!

Tom Mechler then says he needs to correct a mistake he made previously when he questioned if Steve Munisteri was pro-life. He explained that Munisteri is an avid fighter in the pro-life movement.

Tom Mechler then asks everyone to remove their Tom Mechler badge and replace it with Steve Munisteri's badge.

Steve Munisteri:

Steve Munisteri says that we have work here in Texas. He says that we have to elect Governor Perry in the Fall. Bill White may say he is moderate, but he was once the chairman of the Democratic Party of Texas! Texas led the way in Reagan's Presidential election and he would not have become President if he hadn't gotten the votes from Texas. We must elect conservative members to the House and Senate. Whether Cathie Adams or he is elected, we must all come together as a Party!

The delegates were then instructed to vote. The chairman of each Senatorial District then collected the votes to report. Each Senatorial District was called and the chairman of the senatorial district reported the number of votes for each candidate aloud for the entire delegation to hear.

Steve Munisteri won the election and will be our next Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Cathie Adams - 2950 votes

Steve Munisteri - 4294 votes

Nominations were then made for vice chairman. Motions were made to nominate Melinda Fredericks and Cathie Adams. Since an original petition was not filed for Cathie Adams, the motion was out of rule. A suspension of the rules was asked, but rejected. There was further debate regarding whether Cathie Adams could be nominated for Vice Chairman. Cathie Adams then said she would like her name to be removed.

The delegation then voted Melinda Fredericks in as the next Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.



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