What Have Republicans Done For The People?

Texas GOP Vote recently received a message from a woman named Norah asking,

What has the Republican Party really ever done for the people of this Country? I know they say they are religious and all have good morals. But, that is not doing anything for the people. What programs have they passed??

I do know that Eisenhower made sure we had the interstate highways and that Teddy Roosevelt was very strong for our beautiful national parks. But, what else? I am trying to make up my mind about which party is truly for the people. Everyone is starting to ask what are Republicans really for?

Texas GOP Vote blogger, Lauro Garza, answers Norah's question with

First I would offer the simple wisdom demonstrated in my Cats & Dogs post. I would further elaborate by mentioning that the Republican party is the home of conservatism while the Democrat party is home to liberalism, socialism, radical secularism, and radical environmentalism.
Norah asks "what programs have they passed?" which portends her "yardstick" for comparison is "what does government do for the people?" That bodes poorly for an open discussion but if we can confront that main issue, is Norah among those who feel it is the purpose of government to provide for you completely or is she more interested in providing for herself with limited government involvement? Again, that goes back to my original point in Cats & Dogs.

We invite all of you to comment and help explain to Norah why the Republican Party is the party for the people!


Norah, it's actually quite obvious & very simple. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was proud, registered Republican. Aside from President Abraham Lincoln, who both ended slavery & kept the Union together, Dr. King is the most recognizable champion of The Civil Rights Movement. In a time of "Black Codes" & "Jim Crow Laws", which were put into place by Democrats, Dr. King & many other African-Americans associated with the Republican Party. They did so because Convservatives have always championed Freedom & Civil Rights. Democrats started the Ku-Klux-Klan. Democrats fought to keep segregation. Even President Kennedy, who is always pictured as fighting for Civil Rights, was opposed to Dr. King's formation of the historic March on Washington. Norah, if this isn't enough to convince you why the Republican Party is the People's Party then I don't know what is.

What have Republicans done for us?
Hopefully as little as possible.
Stop looking for the handout and get back to work.
Make your own way, build wealth and help your children do the same.
Give willingly and teach your children to do the same, and we can put "GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS" out of business. Every time my taxes go up, I can't give as much now can I?
America was founded and was built with the individual in mind.
We need to remember something...when the govt. "Does something"...someone, (meaning you and me), has to pay for it.

So, in essence what your asking is this, When are the Republicans going to raise my taxes so they can give me my own money?

Ask not what your country can for you........

Wow...what a joke! If the Republican Party is the people's party, why no diversity among it's ranks? If the Republican Party is for small government, why does government get larger under them? Keep up your conspiracy theories though...always a funny read!

i hate to tell that Republican, the gov't is for the people,  They are there to do the big things we can't do individually.  Protect and take care of our schools, our highways, etc.  To see that justice FOR ALL is being demonstrated which the republican party is not known for.  Most republicans can't name 1 positive thing the Republican party(the republican party in the last 40 years) has done to benefit the everyday working American.  They are a "piss poor" example of good for America..and many of those republicans saying "we don't want gov't help" are on social security, VA benefits, medicare or more..The embeciles, what do they think "gov't help " is???

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