Obama's Trip to Dover

Texas GOP Vote received this message from a fan regarding Obamas recent midnight trip to Dover:

While watching Olbermanm on MSNBC last night, they had a video of Obama at Dover Military participating in the transferring of the soldiers killed in the Monday Afghanistan helicopter crash.
The video made me sick to my stomach, as Obama "participated" in the ceremony, saluting and standing in line with the soldiers Honor Guard.
I was insulted as a US citizen at his presence and actions and can only imagine how the soldiers must have felt.
Its obscene....trumped up propaganda at the expense of the dead soldiers. Of course, MSNBC played it out as to how great Obama is to do this, and that Bush only met with families in private after bodies were returned to the US.


I disagree with you completely.  When I heard about this, I was impressed with the president.

Obama spent 4 hours at Dover.  Four. Hours. in the middle of the night. In the cold.  From 12 - 4 am.  There were 18 bodies that came home.  He went into the body of the aircraft, prayed with the army chaplain and other service men during the ceremony that is held for each fallen soldier, 18 times.  He stood at review and saluted each casket as it went by.  The press was only allowed to provide the shot of the one, because there was only one family that  gave permission, per current regulations.  This was not a press event announced in advance, and if it hadn't been for the one family that gave the permission, there'd be no picture to see.

No president, at anytime, spends four hours in one location for the most part out of the view of the press, doing the samething over and over, not to mention in the middle of the night out of the news cycle.   It would have been easy enough to pop in for the foto op, pop out, go back to bed. 

I believe this shows tremendous respect for our armed services and the sacrifices they make. And it shows to me that he is taking his responsibilty for the outcomes of decisions he makes about sending soldiers to war very seriously.  

Bush did this all the time WITHOUT the press.   This was a photo op.  Period.

"Bush did this all the time" is a bold face lie. Neither Bush nor Cheney ever went to Dover to greet fallen soldiers, NEVER!! The only decision they made was to ban any media coverage or photos of caskets.

It's an absolute lie, Bush nor Cheney ever went to Dover. The only contribution they made re: fallen return to Dover was to ban media coverage.

President Bush did visit with wounded warriors at Walter Reed. He did not, however, go to Dover to receive bodies. This is the first time a president has done this.The president is also, I believe, required to have the press pool with him whenever he leaves the White House. 

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