Adryana Boyne Taking the Message Back From Liberal Democrats

Watch Adryana Boyne on Univision and TeleFutura this weekend: 5:00 Saturday, July 10 (Austin) or check your local stations for day and time.

Four years ago, Adryana Boyne, a conservative Republican, started educating and informing the Hispanic community about conservative viewpoint on current issues. Using her flawless Spanish and her gracious and well mannered communication skills, she had been able to give articulate and persuasive presentations in order to influence Spanish speakers to support and defend their conservative values.


Adryana has debated several Texas state representatives who are fluent in Spanish on TV and in other settings. Themes that Adryana has covered and debated include abortion and the ultrasound bill, health reform, education, immigration, elections, and family issues.


Besides debates, Adryana has presented the conservative perspective in various local, state, national, and international televised news reports. She also has spoken on various radio shows and cited in several newspaper articles, representing VOCES Action or as a spokesperson for the Republican Party.


Voz y Voto (Voice and Vote) with Gustavo Monsante seems to be the only Spanish Speaking political program aired across the entire state of Texas. The program is conducted and produced by Mr. Gustavo Monsante who has more than 25 years in professional news. He is also the news anchor of Noticias Univision 62 in Austin Texas.


During the last six years Mr. Monsante organized the first Spanish news in Austin and after those six years, Noticias 62 Univision has proven itself to be the number #1 program in Spanish news in Texas.


Mr. Monsante produced Voz Y Voto with the goal of keeping the Spanish speaking community informed on the current political issues, news and opinion in the USA. He tries to bring a balanced point of view to the audience but for years the Democrats have been the primary ones that appeared in the show. Most of the time the Spanish speaking community in Texas and in the whole country has been listening to the news and the information on the issues from people who are more inclined to the progressive, liberal point of view so it is very important to have conservatives who can speak in Spanish fluently and who are well prepared on the issues to cover.


Adryana has been on Voz y Voto several times and this week she will be on again from Austin where she discusses the Republican convention. She will have a dialogue with Mr. Monsante and Democratic Party Communications Director, Daniela Santoni about the differences between Republicans and Democrats at their state conventions. In the dialogue Adryana explains how the Republican Party works from the bottom up and that grassroots are important and the opinion of the people is important while the Democratic party works from the top down as what Washington tells them to do and the people in the bottom just follow. She also explains the importance of having a limited government and also responds to the issue that Democrats are the party of diversity by stating that the Republican Party is becoming more diverse now that more people are realizing that the Republican party is the party for ALL Americans. The Democratic spokesperson says that the Republican is the party of "No" while Adryana Boyne, of course, says "No" to raising our taxes, "No" to big government, "No" to government Cap and Trade, "No" to deceiving Americans with false promises, "NO" to leaving our borders unprotected, etc. During the discussion Adryana explains why Texas Governor Rick Perry in leading Texas displaying strength that is built on conservative fiscal discipline.


The Democrat spokesperson repeats the tired rhetoric that Republicans do not care to discuss the immigration issue. Adryana responds by emphasizing the importance of having the borders protected first and that she knows many Republicans who want to find a suitable and realistic solution for the immigration problem WITHOUT amnesty.


Adryana Boyne expresses that she feels very happy that during the last year she has been aided by Mr. Ivan Andarza, an immigration attorney who is also a conservative Republican, residing in Austin. Mr. Andarza also serves as a spokesperson for the Republican party and together they have formed a team alongside with Bryan Preston, Communications Director of the RPT and other advisors and professionals with accurate information on the issues and whom , like her, are very interested in keeping the community informed with the facts.


This involvement in the Spanish media is very important because, for years, the Spanish media has been surrendered to liberal Democrats but now the Spanish speaking community is able to listen to the conservative point of view. Adryana Boyne also works among the Spanish speaking communties educating and sharing the importance of the rule of law, learning English, and voting with responsability basing their vote on their values.


The Republican Party is committed to keep the Spanish Speaking community informed.. If you would like to watch this program of Voz y Voto, check your local listings. The program airs at 5:00 PM on Saturdays from Austin but, may air at other times in different cities of Texas on Univision or Telefutura.



Adryana, you are such a great voice for the Republican party with the Spanish public. Keep up the great work.

You have the message, Adryana - and our cause is just!  There's no substitute for truth--thanks for being willing to be out there with it!

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