Conservative Republican Versus Liberal Perspective on Immigration

A local Fox affiliate in Dallas recently aired a debate between Domingo Garcia and the Conservative Republican National Director of VOCES Action Adryana Boyne.

Domingo Garcia is a former state representative and member of the Democratic party, and probably has many more political enemies than he has political alliances, including many among his fellow democrats. He is pro-illegal immigration and has been categorized as one of the attorneys that has made more money off illegal immigrants in North Texas, than any other. According to Texas State Representative Roberto Alonzo "Garcia has always had an overly healthy ego and an insatiable desire for recognition and power--a bad combination."  Alonzo goes on to say "[Garcia] wants it now ... He always wants it now."

Adryana is the National Director of Voces Action and a spokesperson for the Republican party. In addition she is National Committee woman of the Latino national Republican Coalition and a regular blogger on TexasGOPVote.  Adryana was one of the speakers at the general session of the Republican party of Texas 2010 Convention. Adryana focuses on social isues and her willingness to step forward and tell the truth about illegal immigration is appreciated.

Adryana explained that she agrees with a system like E-verify to be able to know who is legal to work in the country and who is not. Domingo Garcia attempted to hang an idea of a national ID card on Adryana, trying to deceive the audience saying that a positive identification of illegals would be like "Nazi Germany."  Typical misleading statements from the left. Just like Garcia's mis-characterization of the Arizona immigration law.

Adryana also states that one of the most important elements of the immigration debate is National security. Adryana explained that protecting the borders first is a top priority. Securing our borders should be a priority and Democrats should be willing to talk with Republicans to find a suitable reasonable solution. Adryana ended emphasizing that Democrats can not blame Republicans for not passing an immigration solution because we all know that Democrats can pass any legislation they want without listening to their constituents, just like they did with the health reform.

Bob Weir, Director of The News Connection, wrote:

"It's increasingly more obvious that some Hispanics, like Domingo Garcia, would like to see amnesty granted to all illegals who have broken our laws and endangered our economy. Adryana Boyne has made it clear that we need to seal the border and not reward people for invading our country. For Mr. Garcia to use that tired old word "racism" is the red herring issue in contemporary America. Anytime you don't want to obey the law, simply cry racism and expect law enforcement to back off. Mr. Garcia is an embarrassment to all law-abiding Hispanics who have entered the country legally and worked hard to be responsible US citizens. Kudos to Ms. Boyne for standing up for the values that made this country the envy of the world and the place that everyone wants to emigrate to. If people like Mr. Garcia had their way, we'd soon have no immigration problem because no one would want to come here."


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