Hands Off Texas! Rally Video and Petition

The Hands Off Texas! rally was a great success! If over 2,000 freedom-loving Texans will come out in 100 plus degree weather to rally in support of Conservative values, then there is no limit to the number willing to come and vote this November! 

Click here to sign the petition that will be sent to Obama, Reid, and Pelosi telling them to keep their hands off Texas!

If you were not able to make the event, you can watch the event videos below:

The emcee of the Hands Off Texas! rally was Lewisville City Councilman Lathan Watts:

Chris Covo, Director of Young Americans for Prosperity:

Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner:

Larry Gonzales, the GOP nominee for Texas House District 52, reads the Hands Off Texas! petition:

David Porter, Republican nominee for the Texas Railroad Commission:

Dr. Donna Campbell, GOP candidate for the U.S. House in Texas District 25:

Conservative radio and TV personality Lisa Fritsch:

Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz:

RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri:


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