Iran's Nuclear Ambition and Us


We all watched the brutal suppression of peaceful protesters after the recent  "free" elections in Iran. The results of the election lead us to, at the very least, wonder "what is the Obama team thinking"?  You can't dialogue with someone who wants to destroy or just hurt you.


Instead how about leadership?  Let's give Iran a deadline to agree to the peaceful development of a nuclear power industry without any limits on inspections and safe guards and a deadline halt funding of terror in Israel, Iraq, and Afganistan. Iran must defund and cease weapons supplies to Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists. A nuclear armed Iran is the world's problem as the middle east would be polynuclear, the odds of terrorist acquisition of a bomb high, and nuclear war more likely.


If the Iranians don't want to deal, and deal real soon, the U.S., Israel and any other nation of integrity should, together, step up and shut down Iran's nuclear arms program.  For Obama, the time for talking is soon ending and the time for action is approaching rapidly.



Former President Bush made it very clear that Iran should never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.  President Obama has done exactly the opposite.  By appearing weak, appeasing and indecisive he has all but encouraged the rulers of Iran to proceed full speed ahead.

President Obama must stand strong or America WILL pay the price.  Our borders wide open and middle eastern men of combat age are paying huge sums of money to cross those borders week.  How difficult would it be for them to carry a dirty bomb, a bio weapon or even a tactical nuke across one of our borders.

Border Security IS National Security.  This is the motto of US Border Watch.  Border security is not just about immigration.  It is also about defending our nation.

If President Obama will not stand strong against Iran and if he will not secure the borders of our nation, it is a matter of if, not when we will be attacked with even more devastation than 9/11.

Bob Price
US Border Watch

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