Nancy Pelosi: Quickest way to create jobs is to provide more funding for food stamps

In “A Memo for Republican Candidates on the Winning Closing Argument for the Last Four Weeks," former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich stated: 

It is also an unassailable fact that in January 2007, when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over Congress, unemployment was 4.6% and food stamp usage was around 26.5 million Americans. Today, the unemployment rate is 9.6% and over forty million Americans are on food stamps.

Compare this to our record after we took control of Congress in 1994.
In four years, unemployment fell from 5.6% to 4.2% and food stamp usage dropped by 8 million American thanks to record job creation. Furthermore, we turned a $107 billion deficit into a $125 billion surplus in four years, paying off more than $400 billion in federal debt. And we did it with a liberal Democrat in the White House.
You can use this vivid contrast between the record of the Pelosi-Reid Democratic Congress and the last time the Republican Party took control of Congress to powerfully illustrate the difference for every American between the Democratic Party of food stamps and the Republican Party of paychecks.

This letter has hit a nerve with current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi responded saying:

"If you want to create jobs, the quickest way to do it is to provide more funding for food stamps and have unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own...It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance."

This is a new low for Pelosi...

Watch below as Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich discuss further:


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