You’re a STAR when you vote STRAIGHT R!

Integrity: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards

I personally strive to develop and maintain this character quality in my personal life, and I certainly expect it from the candidates that I choose to support. I’m afraid, however, that in the past, all too often our expectations have not been met, and some of us began to lower our expectation from our elected representatives.

As a result of the Tea Party renewal and renovation, I hope that not only do we get our favorite candidates elected on November 2, but that we ALL will work harder than ever to hold them accountable to the high standards they should be held to, as those who have pledged to uphold the Constitution and represent our interests at all levels of government.

I am, however, more than concerned with an attitude often heard from traditional Republicans. All too often, I have heard the following sentiment:

“I just can’t vote a straight Party ticket, as I have too much integrity to vote for representatives with whom I am not acquainted.”

While that might sound good, and in theory one wishes that they knew ALL of our Republican candidates very well, and that all those that didn’t fit our “criteria” would have been weeded out during the Primary, the fact of the matter is that it is VERY difficult to know ALL of our candidates intimately.

With over 120 Republican positions on the Harris County ballot alone, I must confess that I don’t know many of the judicial candidates as well as I would like. I have met many of the candidates and asked them questions which I deemed necessary to determine how they might rule on issues, but by all means I do not know ALL of them well enough to ensure they are ALL men and women of integrity that I would like to see in office.

Is that going to stop me from voting a straight Republican ticket? Not on your life!

For all those who are reticent about voting a straight Republican ticket, I would remind you of the recent debacles we have seen in Washington. We have seen Democrats fall in, lock step behind Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in voting along with those who are most extremely liberal. Many “Blue Dog” Democrats who were supposed to have been conservative had no problem voting along with the most liberal, as long as the bribe was of sufficient size to meet their “criteria”. They have voted straight Liberal, straight Socialist, and have voted our country down the road of crippling debt and death from Obamacare without any qualms.

I can guarantee you that hordes of Democrats will have no problem voting a straight Democrat ticket, not knowing the candidates, nor even any of the issues for which they are voting. They will vote as they have been told to by their culture or family, or because of how a candidate appears, or even the sound of their name. They will have no problem voting straight D.

My encouragement to you, as you ponder for whom to vote, is to ensure that ALL of our down ballot candidates get included in your vote. We need ALL the Republicans on the ticket to win in November, if we have any hope of beginning to turn this ship around. From school boards and MUD districts to the Governorship, we need to place Republicans in office.

But our work cannot stop there. We need to ensure they stay true to the principles on which they campaigned, and we need to hold them accountable through the next election cycle. Friends, for a great part, if we don’t like the way government has become, we are, for the most part responsible, because we have allowed “someone else” to take care of things in Austin and Washington D.C., while we have been busy building up our families, businesses, churches and synagogues, and we have allowed “someone else” to look after the government. That must stop!

So I admonish you to use this phrase when you speak of the election with your friends, neighbors, and associates –

“You’re a STAR when you vote STRAIGHT R”

You may find this phrase a bit comical, but it summarizes what we as Republicans must do during early voting and on November 2. We must get ALL of our candidates elected; our vote needs to be counted for ALL of our Republican candidates, even if we may not be intimately acquainted with all of them, and that does not diminish our integrity in any way! Please remember:

“You’re a STAR when you vote STRAIGHT R”!


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You can become a Star by voting Straight R, but you can become a SUPERSTAR by voting more that Straight R.  What I mean by that is, after you cast your straight ticket R vote which covers all the partisan races from Governor down to the local judges and county officials, you are not done.

Take a moment to go to the bottom part of the ballot.  There you will find non-partisan races like school boards and ballot propositions.  You will have to mark each of these races independently from the Straight R vote.

In Houston, be certain to vote AGAINST Prop 1 (Rain Tax) and Prop 3 (Red Light Cameras).

Be a SUPERSTAR!  Vote the ENTIRE Ballot!


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