King Street Patriots go on the Offensive - Poll Watchers being assaulted and intimidated at the polls - Houston Media Biased

I dont' know why, but I am always surprised about how, when I witness a news event, covered live by the media, just how shocked I am at how badly they report the stories.  Sometimes I wonder if they were at the same event I was. Yesterday's King Street Patriots' press conference was no exception.  

The conference was attended by every major TV news station in Houston. Yet, except for Fox 26, none of them reported this conference in their stories about voter intimidation. Why? Because it doesn't fit their biased media agenda.  And because the Patriots' story would have diluted the drama they are playing up on their stories.

So that you might see the real story and understand how the Houston media is twisting this story to create drama and ratings, I will let you witness what the media won't show you.  Here is the news...

News Conference - Part 1

News Conference - Part 2 (Q&A from Media)

Video Testimonial from Volunteer Poll Watcher

Media Coverage of Press Conference

This press conference was covered by every major TV station in Houston. Every one of them did stories of voter intimidation. Yet, ONLY Fox 26 put in any comments of self defense from King Street Patriots. The reason is simple. Their explanations take all the drama out of the story.

Following is the Fox 26 story. Note the implied threats from Quanell X, head of the new Black Panther Party.  Isiah Carey uses an interesting phrase where he says Quanell X spent Thursday "building his troops".  At the 2:35 mark Quannell X says directly to the King Street Patriots that his troops "will not tolerate any intimidation tactics from them against our elderly, our women and our young people." Isiah, are you setting the stage for confrontation like you asked King Street Patriots?  It is time everyone take it down a notch before someone gets hurt while exercising their Constitutional rights.

Here's the bottom line. Poll watchers are allowed to be in the polling locations to watch. Some people don't like that, but it is the law. When a voter asks a poll worker for assistance, the poll watcher is allowed to watch the assistance process. Some people don't like that, but that too is the law. Justice Potter Stewart said, I don't know how to define obscenity, "But I know it when I see it." Perhaps we can put that principle to work here.

DOJ Voter Intimidation Standards


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