Results for Congressional District 25 between Donna Campbell and Lloyd Doggett

Results for the 25th Congressional District of the Texas General Election between Democratic incumbent Lloyd Doggett and Republican Donna Campbell:

Candidate Percentage
Lloyd Doggett (Democrat incumbent)       
Donna Campbell (Republican)  45%

Precincts reporting: 100%


I am very sad about the 25th District results. All I have to say is get ready to step things up even more for Doggett! I will watch the way you vote like a hawk and continue to help show how your vote towards a progressive agenda hurts the will of THE PEOPLE. So Doggett, will you continue to run away when those you claim to serve ask you questions and demand answers??

Representative Doggett,
When you promised me in writing that you would speak on behalf of U.S. veterans, current service members, and their families...  I believed you.

You lied.

Your record shows that you voted lock-step with the Obama administration which is debilitating the U.S. military as well as reducing military benefits that were promised long ago to veterans and their families.

Therefore, I did not vote for you in this election and I am extremely disappointed that you won your seat again.  I will NOT believe your future promises but will wait to see your actions, and unless you change and start taking actions to make America stronger, I will vote for your opponent again. 

I am so sorry this district did not seriously consider the candidate they voted for.  Lloyd Doggett has proven his lack of concern for the people of his district.  What a shame Donna did not win our district.  We deserve what we get.

it looked like every other county besides Travis supported Campbell. I sure hope he is listening. If not, make your voices heard in his office. A LOT!

I am glad that Lloyd Doggett is given a chance to serve us again. As a family of a disabled US veteran (of the Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign) Lloyd Doggett helped us receive military benefits and unraveled US Army red tape.

YEA DOGGETT!!!!  Keep your religion out of my schools.

The *only* good thing about the R's 2003 redistricting was that it put me in Rep. Doggett's district.  He won by 8%; isn't that what you people call "a mandate"?

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