(VIDEO) Connecticut Elderly Woman Loses Her Own Driveway in Tax Dispute

Redding, Connecticut resident 71-yr-old Linda Lind-Larsen has been cut off from her own driveway that she has owned for nearly 30 years.

Lisa Lind-Larsen now walks through the woods to get to her car at a neighbors house in order to go to chemo-therapy and radiation sessions. She worries about the dangers of no longer having access to her driveway.

Not only is she cut off from the outside world, but the outside world is cut off from her. How will her visiting nurse check up on her? How will she her fuel oil delivery for her furnace. How will she get bales of hay to her horses. What if theres an emergency?

So what got her into this situation?

After a long, complicated tax dispute with the Town of Redding, two of her eight-and-a-half acres were foreclosed upon and sold to Daniel Torcio.
Her driveway happens to be on that land. Torcio has now chained it off, put in obstructions and dug a trench. His attorney, Adam Cohen, says his client is not interested in talking to News 8. So we headed into town.

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