Napolitano may need to exempt some muslims from body scans; defends their use for everyone else

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Facing mounting criticism and pushback from fliers over increasingly invasive procedures to ostensibly protect U.S. travelers, Janet Napolitano is defending the use of body scans or body pat downs for all travelers - except possibly for some Muslims. The use of body scans or body pat downs applies to passengers and pilots alike, but perhaps not for Muslim women, who would be exempted from the full procedure and require only a limited pat down in the head and neck area, or optionally a self pat-down in the head and neck area.

If non-Muslim women would want to avoid the intrusive scanning and pat-down procedures, could they simply declare themselves Muslim?

If that were the case, here's an idea that the TSA might like: increase the scanning intensity or add cavity searches for non-Muslim-women; maybe that would help make up for the plastic explosives or other dangerous items hiding beneath Muslim women's burqas. However by no means should TSA use intelligence, as Israel does, to keep travelers safe. That might offend someone.  Compare TSA with Israeli security methods.


This only confirms that these TSA outrages are NOT for catching brown-skinned Muslim "terrorists" wearing "rags" on their heads, but to dog-train the American public into accepting brutal, repressive Soviet-style tyranny!

What's worse is that this is going on in COURTHOUSES as well. Imagine the outrage of having to choose between being subjected to a virtual strip search or being groped and molested when having to report for JURY DUTY of all things!! And it's not as if jury duty is an option, either!!  None of this is even legal! A government agent has no more right to sexually molest and/or strip search you than anyone else! As Ron Paul says, when are we going to stand up and say enough is enough? How about if everyone reporting for jury duty on any given day stood outside the courthouse and protested the groping and the body scanning and REFUSED to go inside! What a concept! We also need to start suing the TSA for civil rights violations and get criminal indictments of TSA employees.  These TSA employees need to be charged with sex crimes and dealt with accordingly (jail/prison time and registering as sex offenders).  After all, they AGREED to do these things as a condition of their employment. Do we have the backbone to start doing these things or do we just roll over and accept this brutal, repressive Soviet style tyranny?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

As if modesty of a Muslim woman wasn't despised enough, the Islamophobes couldn't possibly find a better trick than this one to arouse hatred against Muslims in the US.

Quote: "Let's all hate Muslims" (sarcasm, posted by someone earlier)

Let's all ask MUSLIMS to go after MUSLIM extremism, let's all ask MUSLIMS to be the ones to be tolerant, let's all ask MUSLIMS to police their own and turn in suspected militants rather than hiding them under the abstract concept of victim-status, let's all ask MUSLIMS to set the example for being open, transparent, non-hiding, non-deceptive et. al. Get a clue.

Ya know, this quote " However by no means should TSA use intelligence, as Israel does, to keep travelers safe."  is actually quite funny.. Intelligence and ANY US GOVT AGENCY should NEVER be used in the same sentence !!

I CALL BS! This is just another one of the articles claiming the TSA or Napolitano has exempted Muslims or Muslim women. The articles linked to say no such thing. C'mon, people, READ THEM!

thanks and updated - watch for more developments!

No one (I don't care what religion you are) should be exempt from any screening that everyone else is subject to. While I disagree with the screening in the first place, if they're going to subject me to the screening then everyone else should be subject to it to. Sounds like profiling to me if certain people are exempt because of their religion or what they're wearing, right?
You aren't allowed to walk through a security checkpoint wearing baggy clothes, because of the potential of concealing something under them. What if wearing a hoodie, for instance, had some importance to me and I refused to take it off? Not a problem, they just have to pat me down, and I wouldn't be allowed to pass the checkpoint if I refused the pat down. If you've ever seen a Muslim woman walking around in her burqua and robe, then you can imagine the sheer amount of explosive material they could hide under those things. Sounds like a security breach to me. 
And one poster gave the modesty argument, saying that this was simply a way to interfere with the modesty of Muslim women. Don't even try it. That's the same as arguing that every woman who isn't Muslim shouldn't be exempt because, unlike the Muslim women, they are sexually deviant and promiscuous, and don't mind getting "felt up" by the screeners anyway.
If I were to convert to the Islamic religion, I could easily walk through security with a pound or two of PETN concealed under my garments, and security couldn't do a thing on my claim against the screening on the basis of religion.
If I thought I was safe from a terrorist plot before, I'm sure not now.

Federal Law Enforcement, of any position or religeon, is exempt from all airport security.

If they can bribe border security and FBI, etc., how hard would it be to have one deliver a package inside a secure airport terminal for someone else to carry on board an aircraft?

Even if they are allowed to carry a gun, they should be scanned, stripped or patted, whatever the rest of us have to do, to be certain that they carry nothing else.

These nude scopes are not to detect bombs, they are to detect hidden money and small quantities of drugs.



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