Obama Gives Himself a Solid B+

In Oprah Winfreys "White House Christmas Special," Obama gave himself a "good, solid B-plus" for his first 11 months as president. Furthermore, he claims that passage of the health care bill will boost his grade to an A-minus. Obama credited his administration with getting the economy on track, winding down the Iraq war and making the right call for a temporary surge in Afghanistan. Is Obama aware of his falling approval ratings? I think most Democrats would not even give him a B+!


Obama's grade in this course depends upon which professor has set the course objectives. Socialists in England and America like Howard Dean have given Barry a disapproving evaluation because he has not been socialist enough!  According to the dedicated socialists he missed the opportunity to fully socialize our polluting, their words, auto & commercial industries.  They hoped he would with the help of our newly socialized banking industry create a new "green economy" which will no longer destroy our planet, again their words.  Thus the Socialists who saw this as their BIG opportunity to finally destroy the world's most powerful capitalist regime but Barry failed them!  That's an F normally but a D for effort and good intentions, besides he got a Nobel Prize didn't he?  

The rest of America; however, conservative naturally, realizes now that they elected a socialist and are becoming disillusioned because of his enormous & unbridled spending which has neither improved our economy or produced any real jobs.  What grade would they give?  Again maybe a D!

Folks like me who knew right off that Barry was socialist and a attracted throngs of similarly minded America haters worldwide because he represented the antithesis of America yet he still was elected.  While unprecedented spending, taxes,  government regulation & the threat of economic collapse looms, the biggest problem we are just now seeing is the growing boldness of our enemies in Al Qaeda, the Taliban & others as it must appear to them that America's leader and we, by association,  have lost our resolve.  

America is at war with people who don't want our wealth or our way of life but simply want to destroy us.  Taking a softer tone & approach will not deter them but, as predicted, would only encourage them.  

What grade do I give?  Compared to Bill Clinton, not as salacious but more determined to drive us to socialism.  More incompetent & inept than Bill but only slightly.  I want to issue an F but can't.  Why?  Because the worst is yet to come.  So, like the others, I give Barry a D because later, it will become, I'm afraid, evident that for destroying our economy, collapsing our defenses and encouraging our enemies and stealing our freedoms he'll earn an F and dismissal!

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