The End Of Feminism

The Lena Dunham ad, comparing voting for Obama to losing one's virginity, represents truly what feminism, or I should say leftist feminism, is now about: sex. Nothing more and nothing less. Modern day feminism has now evolved into women becoming nothing more than sex objects to be exploited by scheming male politicians. When I first viewed the ad, I thought that it was an Onion Satire only to be surprised that this was real.

The whole aspect of the ad is single women wanting to have the government pay for birth control pills as to avoid pregnancy while having great casual sex, and if birth control doesn’t work, there is always abortion. The lingering message is that Romney/Ryan will keep you from having cheap sex and Obama will allow you all the sexual freedom you want. That is a powerfully sick message that women don’t concern themselves with things like economic opportunity, energy concerns, or foreign relations. Women only think with their private parts. In a searing satire of Lena Dunham's ad, TokenLibertariangirl, Julie Borowski, observed that Team Obama views women as “nothing more than sexual objects…. And voting as if their lady parts depend upon it.”

Considering that the Lena Dunham ad is targeted for cosmopolitan, career oriented feminists, Obama and the left view these women not as intelligent women who are looking for advancement up the economic ladder, but foolish waifs that can be manipulated.

Rush Limbaugh called free birth control crusader Sandra Fluke a “slut”, which was an inappropriate statement and a statement for which Rush apologized, but doesn't one get the impression that Obama and his fellow leftist deep down view women not much differently? Look at these ads or Sandra Fluke's own campaign, and one can’t help feeling that the left does view women as sexual objects to be taken advantage of and manipulated.

As a father of two daughters struggling to fulfill their dreams, I find this leftist’s view on women more than insulting, but damaging. Women are not just about free birth control, but view the world in broader sense including thinking about the economy and the role of government. If you want to see a feminist in action, simply look at Sarah Palin, who raised a family and engaged in a successful political career before being bombarded with some of the nastiest personal attacks ever endured by any political figure. (These attacks most likely short circuited Palin’s political career.) Ms. Palin managed to create a family situation where she and her husband were equal partners, a true feminist outcome. For that, she was rejected by the feminist movement, who prefer docile women worshipping at the feet of Obama and secretly desiring having sex with him. Creepy yes, but it reminds me of a Times Reporter, Nina Burleigh, who stated that she would be happy to give Bill Clinton oral sex as a thank you for keeping abortion legal. I can’t even imagine a female conservative pundit or reporter saying out loud, or even thinking privately, of giving Mitt Romney oral sex as a thank you for his promise to repeal Obamacare. Feminist reporters have no trouble being sex objects to very powerful leftist men.

The difference between today's conservatives and today's liberals is simple. Conservatives view women as they view men, individuals looking for essentially the same thing: economic opportunity and worrying about their family and local communities. The left now views women as sex objects to be coddled and taken care of by the state. Who would have thought that a movement designed to enhance women's opportunites in the greater society has now ended up putting women as sexual objects? Today conservatives view women as equal partners and the left just no longer does.

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