Steve Hotze proudly supports Norman Adams on Immigration Issue

Dear All,

Greetings! I am taking my stand with Norman Adams. He appears to be the lone voice of reason and common sense on the immigration issue.

I personally like the Hispanic people and their commitment to family and the work ethic. They are also a Christian based culture. I don't blame them for having made it to America by hook or crook. My great great grandfather pealed potatoes on a boat from Germany to get to America and the WASPs did not like him or the other immigrants that came with him. They also did not like the Irish or the Italians.

We had better embrace the Hispanics because they are going to be the dominant culture in Texas in no short order. I hope that Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida is our Republican VP in 2012.

Conservative Republicans of Texas helped elect 7 Hispanic Republicans to the Texas House. There were 2 Republican Hispanics elected to Congress from Texas. Why should we let the democrats steal them from our party?

It seems to me that there may be nativistic and prejudicial thinking on the immigration issue by many Caucasians.

The argument is that millions of Hispanics broke the law to get here. Which one of you would not have done the same thing had you been in their shoes? I like people who take risks to help their families and are willing to work to better their families' lives. We have a whole lot of American born citizens who I would gladly trade in exchange for hard working Hispanics.

The majority of the Hispanic culture in America is Christian, pro-family, pro-life and pro-free enterprise. Sounds like they would make great Republicans to me. Let's go recruit them!

Gentlemen, it seems that the real problem we face is the Muslim immigration invasion of America. The Hispanics are our natural allies against the Democrats and Muslims.

With much appreciation, I remain, as always,

Sincerely yours,

Steven Hotze, M.D.


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This is what i like to hear as a hispanic.  We are natural conservatives and christian based people too!  We must stop the Islamic invasion as they do not want to assimilate look what is happening in France and in Britain and in the USA most recently in Oklahoma where a activist federal judge ruled sharia law can be used in our court system.  Yes we have family members that broke the law to get here but so would anybody if they were starving. 

Debate among most politicians regarding the "immigration issue" does not address its root cause.  Illegal immigration is simply evidence of a system that is failing the American people.  True, the federal government has abdicated its duty to secure the borders.  The real issue is its failure to defend and protect our Constitution and the liberties it ensures.   It is the rule of law, designed to protect all citizens of this country, that we want you to uphold.  That is the duty of every elected official at every level.   Clearly, it is incumbent upon our representatives at the state level to either hold the federal government accountable or, failing that, take responsibility.

We no longer have any expectation that the federal government will secure our border, stop a multitude of illegal activities that occur as the result, or protect us from the terrorists bent on our demise.  That is why the "immigration issue" ignites such anger. Instead of addressing the root causes that make illegal immigration and its subsequent effects possible, you insult us with your calls to pander to one faction.  Why?  To protect the Party?  Your jobs?  Your first duty is to the Constitution which, if upheld, protects all of us.  Dismissing your responsibility at the state level by pointing fingers at an entity which has proven that it cannot be relied upon is enraging.  

I challenge anyone to defend the following statement by Norman Adams: 

"The fact that the federal government has failed to fulfill its duty should not force us to impose that duty on local law enforcement. Doing so will only turn the immigration debate “toxic” in our state and waste valuable time in a legislature where other state issues need to take priority!"  

If the federal government will not fulfill its duty, it does fall to the state!  Take responsibility! Call upon the State Guard.  Enforce the law.  Fear of turning the debate "toxic" is not your priority.  Stand for principles over party so that all of us can respect your decisions.  And, just which issues are more important than defending and protecting the citizens of this state?  When terrorists, who waltzed across the border, unleash coordinated attacks on Dallas, Austin, and Houston, and thousands of innocent lives are lost, what will you say your priorities should have been?

When we engaged in wars abroad, yet left the borders wide open at home, it became apparent that neither party was truly concerned about protecting us from terrorism.   Neither party is sincere about upholding the Constitution or enforcing the law.  Wake the hell up and understand that writing new laws usually results in more bureaucracy that impede law abiding citizens and cost tax payers more money.  You won't fix anything if the fundamental laws designed to protect us are not enforced.

When our representatives fail to uphold the rule of law, they undermine our faith in this country and this system of government.  If the Republic fails, we can blame the representatives who cared more about who was voting for them than the principles upon which this country was founded.  Uphold the Constitution and people of all ethnic backgrounds will respect you and your party.

Thank you Dr.Hotze for this stand along side of our Hispanic brothers and sisters.I agree with you,that they are the future of our Party in Texas.For too many years these fine people have been treated like pawns in a political game.Hopefully the Party will listen and take notice especially in light of the latest census numbers.

We feel left behind. What about atheists? Aren't we the "enemy" too? Don't we deserve to be at the same level of "evil" as Democrats and muslims?

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