Cornyn Warns Against New FCC Actions

Today, I warned that the recent action by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to interfere with broadband access services could lead to further delays in America’s innovation and economic recovery.

I am disappointed by the FCC’s latest move which imposes new government regulations on one of our economy’s newest and most innovative sectors. Clearly, the Obama Administration did not hear the clarion call from Americans in November that stated that they did not want more government regulations and restrictions, like those imposed through the new health care law. Instead of trying to encourage our economic recovery, this Administration has become a shackle to innovation and growth in America. The FCC’s proposal will only delay private investments in new innovations that are so critical to creating jobs.



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On Monday the 20th of December 2010 while the country shuddered in disgust as the last dregs of the repudiated and disgusting political agenda of the socialist/communist/marxist of the 111th congress was approved before the results of the 2010 elections could take effect and remove the legislative powers of the tax and spend big government democrats, Our supposedly opposition party quietly approved the rape of the military act that is the repeal of DADT, and began discussing the rape of our national security that is the START treaty. But on 20DEC10 our RINO Tax and Spend, BIGGER Government Texas RINO's showed that they are truely East Coast, party line hacks, when the Michelle approved, Obama pushed Big Government takeover and massive new bureaucratic jobs and growth program was passed in the US Senate by unanimous consent. Not even a single RINO of the 111th had the spine to vote against Queen Michelle's pet project. How RINO Senator Cornyn can come out the day after such a vote and utter that he is against the FCC big government push is the height of hypocrisy. Did he vote to confirm the FCC petty bureaucratic dictator that is pushing for this censorship when he came up for senate confirmation? If he did then why would he oppose the natural consequence of his own actions? Did Mr Small Gov Cornyn vote against the pork and big spending tax bill? Why yes he did. Did he not realize that if he and the other Rino's had voted against the Obama approved pork package, and waited two weeks for the 112th to take over that real conservatives could have gotten a much cleaner and fiscally responsible bill thru both congress and the senate? Perhaps he did realize this and much like his brothers on the dem/socialist/big gov side they all wanted the pork and massive fed spending of the lame duck bill. So spare me your pontificating about how you are against big government. My favorite saying when it comes to politicians, criminals, and used car salesmen; Your actions speak so loud I can't hear a word you are saying.

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