Wanted: Texans willing to contribute to Tom DeLay Defense Fund

Last week in an article entitled "Travesty in Texas," the editors at the National Review Online discussed the abusive political persecution of former Texas House majority leader Tom DeLay and explained why Prosecutor Ronnie Earle should have been the one to be on trial!

With Texas judge Pat Priest imposing a sentence of three years in prison on former House majority leader Tom DeLay, it is not an exaggeration to say that this is the culmination of an undeserved, unjustified, and unconscionable act of political persecution. It is the result of an abusive prosecution that exemplifies the drive to criminalize politics and to make the ordinary processes of raising and spending funds for political campaigns a crime.

The man who should be on trial in Texas is Ronnie Earle, the unethical Travis County prosecutor who went after DeLay as part of a political vendetta fueled by his bizarre belief that business owners’ political activities are “every bit as insidious as terrorism.”
… For this routine act of campaign financing, DeLay was charged with and convicted of criminal money laundering, a crime defined by knowingly using the proceeds of criminal activity. Since these contributions were all legal, the most basic element of this supposed crime could not be met; nonetheless, Earle drove the case forward in one of the most outrageous prosecutorial abuses of criminal law that we have seen in decades.

Read the entire article here.

Want to help? Here is what you can do.

  1. Tell every Republican you contributed to, you hope they will add their name to support Tom DeLay! 
  2. Add your name and pledge to our “altar call” list. We need a thousand names! Please make a pledge today by responding to this email. You can send your check at your convenience payable to Tom DeLay Defense Fund. Please send it to my office, so I can present it to Tom DeLay.  
  3. Forward this email to your friends. 
  4. Pray for Tom DeLay and his family that God will give them confidence that justice will prevail!

Please email me today at [email protected], and allow me to add your name and pledge to this list.

Dr. Steve Hotze $1000 Brad Wright $1000
Norman Frede Chevrolet $1000
Andy and Amy Adams $1000
Norman and Debbie Adams $1000
Tracy and Mark Dacus $1000
Nina and Edd Hende $5000
Rev. Laurence L White and wife Debbie $500

Norman E. Adams, CIC
Adams Insurance Service, Inc.
[email protected]
P.O. Box 7011
Houston, TX 77248-7011



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