The New Moderate Obama 2.0

Has Obama Really Moved to the Center?

Don’t believe it for a minute! Since his election in 2008, and his inauguration in 2009, Barack Obama has presided over the most left wing American administration since the days of Franklin Roosevelt. The extent of Obama’s history and association with far left wing radicals before he became president leads me to believe he will not and cannot change his fundamental beliefs.

The mainstream media is now engaged in an effort to paint Barack Obama as a centrist. I recently heard on FOX News a contributor refer to him as the "New Obama".  As proof of Obama’s "conversion", the media is now pointing to his recent capitulation to the Republicans on extending the Bush tax rates, as well as his conciliatory speech at the Arizona memorial, his hiring of Bill Daley as chief of staff and his recent appointment of Jeff Immelt to head the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Some of the public seems to be buying Obama’s sudden change of direction. Independents, who liked Obama personally, but who had turned against his leftward policies are now more likely to support him because of new centrist rhetoric. Some polls are confirming this shift back to Obama.

This is all somewhat disconcerting to those of us who follow Obama’s actions as opposed to just believing whatever he says. Personally, I have no trust whatsoever in Obama’s words – I look at the actions. Just consider some of the actions of the Obama administration over the past two years:

  • The implementation of a massive, nearly one trillion dollar stimulus program. 
  • The 15 month battle to nationalize the health care system in America. 
  • The extended effort to impose a punishing Cap and Trade energy program on the United States. 
  • The government takeover of GM and Chrysler.  
  • The introduction of hundreds of new regulations to stifle business. 
  • The addition of almost 5 trillion dollars to the national debt since the inauguration. 
  • The hiring of over 30 new far left wing czars to run the Federal government.  
  • The effort to eliminate the secret ballot for labor union elections. 
  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s determination to control greenhouse gases without Congressional approval.

It will be a very challenging two years to the next presidential election. Obama will attempt to talk like a right of center president while he works hard to maintain his already very large left wing legacy. He will continue to talk about job creation, while his policies lead in the opposite direction. Any decrease in unemployment will likely come from Republican budgetary and regulatory laws Republicans are able to slip into appropriation bills that Obama will be forced to sign to keep the government running.

Obama’s Long Term Strategy

Obama’s primary goal over the next two years will be to get re-elected. His campaign staff and the media are already talking about a one billion dollar presidential campaign. If Obama can pull off this trick of talking like a center-right politician, while preserving his current gains, he may be able to hold on to the White House. He will then have four more years to develop and implement his plan to turn the United States on to the road of European Socialism.

My plea to Republicans and Tea Party supporters is to squelch Obama’s plans for an election victory in 2012. Republicans must stick to their principles and calling out Obama whenever his left wing actions do not conform to his right wing rhetoric.

Republican Congressmen and Senators, pundits, bloggers and activists must keep up the pressure on Obama over the next two years if we are to prevent his re-election. We cannot fall into the trap that Democrats and the media have set for us, which is to now start practicing "bipartisanship" by adopting parts of their agenda. Republicans need to keep the focus on their conservative principles.


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