GE Immelt Loves Commies!

What is with Obama supporters and the loving communist China form of the government? GE President Jeffrey Immelt, like New York Times Tom Friedman and former SEIU leader Andy Stern before him, noted that Chinese government, “actually works, state run Communism may not be your cup of team, but their government works.” Okay, I made the case recently that the Democratic Party has evolved into our Socialist party, and when Immelt talks of how the Chinese communism system works, it merely reinforces my point that the left really has no problems with authoritarian governments.

Immelt admires their five year plan as he noted, “They have five-year plans. I told my staff to read their twelfth five year plans, which is the segment that we are in. Typically, what they’re doing makes sense to the Chinese.”

The point I have made over and over again is that Obama believes that government is the engine of our economic growth and the left’s admiration for China merely strengthens the left’s love for government and direction of the economy. China's allowance of markets is not based on love for economic freedom but merely rights allowed by the government that can easily be reversed if it’s no longer viewed needed. For the left, rights are gifts provided by government and not inalienable. The Left doesn’t buy into the idea that rights are inalienable and beyond the reach of the government.

Immelt merely reflects what is becoming obvious; the left is not about protecting markets but transforming the private economy to serve the government. The problem with the left is that they don’t understand that private markets serve the people because it’s part of an essential freedom. Free market is about choices and the left attempts to restrict those choices. Immelt has made his profit in part because of crony capitalism and favoritism by the Obama administration. Maybe we should ask the question, why does the left seem to love governments that dispenses with freedom?



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