President Obama’s Cabinet Lacks Diversity

You know, not that I really care that Barack Obama has filled his cabinet with white men (no women or minorities, and I really don’t care because I try not to engage in identity politics) but some great points are made here. Let me say that I don’t care if the men selected by Barack Obama are purple, I am concerned about whether or not they are competent white men who best represent the American people.

Far too often in American politics are the arguments center stage regarding racial, gender or sexual preference demographics, when the focus should be on qualifications and competence. I’ll take twenty competent white men over one incompetent woman or black person any day and vice-versa.

This is the man who bypassed fiscal issues almost entirely and campaigned relentlessly on “women’s reproductive rights” and towards women in general, as well as Hispanics and the LGBT community. He didn’t bother to campaign to black people because he knew he could ignore us and we’d still vote for him in droves. That’s just what the black vote has become – blindly faithful to the Democratic party.

Before any liberals start bringing up the GOP straw man arguments, I have stated many times before that I advocate for black people to register as independents and look at each platform and forget party affiliation. It is so ironic to me, that the man who almost entirely campaigned on women’s rights, has a cabinet with no women or minorities. I mean, diversity is allegedly a concern of his, right?.

Barack Obama is a charlatan and he’ll say and do anything to get certain votes and then does whatever he wants to do. No surprise there from he and many politicians, for that matter. Can you imagine the media backlash that a Republican president would receive if he appointed all white men to his cabinet? As I said, I don’t care that Obama has appointed all white men, especially if they are qualified and competent, it’s just the double standard and hypocrisy that I detest.

A white, Republican president who appoints no women or minorities would immediately be labeled a racist and/or a misogynist! George Bush appointed more minorities to cabinet positions than Barack Obama, now what does that tell you? The man is as fake on issues of diversity (among others) as a $3 bill. President Obama, after making such a huge deal out of “women’s rights” and diversity, put your appointments where your mouth is, or leave it alone.



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