School Choice – A proven way to improve your children’s education

Senator Dan Patrick (SD7), chair of the powerful Senate Education Committee, has recently introduced legislation that would open up the strangle-hold government-sponsored monopoly that the education establishment enjoys in public education. His reasoning is simple and time-honored—“competition is good.” It doesn’t matter much what the competing items are—widgets, services, commodities, or even education—the very existence of competition improves the quality of all competitors.

To help encourage the Texas legislature to do something about providing serious educational competition to all Texas parents and their children, the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) unanimously passed a strong resolution this past Saturday (Texas Independence Day!) to encourage school choice in Texas. Dems, on the other hand, are routinely against school choices, and even hold staged rallies that are against the wishes of parents and the best interests of their children. The SREC resolution calls for:

  • Scholarships funded by voluntary tax deductible donations 
  • Incentives for the creation of more charter schools students can attend both within and across current independent school district (ISD) boundaries Elimination of non-performing charters and replacement with new ones 
  • Expansion of private school choices 
  • “Iron-clad protections” to prevent government intrusion in private and home schools

The Republican Party continues to show that it clearly has better ideas than Democrats. Republicans work hard for real education choices and education competition to benefit your children.

The Republican Party values are better for your family.



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