Congressman Pete Sessions Statement on April Jobs Report

Although today's jobs report is good news for some Americans, millions more remain unemployed or have given up looking for work in the Obama economy. Despite the fact that our unemployment rate remains stubbornly high, President Obama failed to even mention the need for private sector job growth or job-creating projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline in his press conference this week. The President’s continued assault on the free-enterprise system – onerous regulations, higher taxes, and wasteful government spending – has stifled our economy and discouraged businesses from hiring new workers.

Last week’s disappointing GDP report indicated that U.S. economic growth was once again slower than expected. While there was growth in personal consumption, personal savings and personal income both plummeted. These discouraging statistics underscore the need for pro-growth policies that will reenergize our sluggish economy. I will continue to stand up for Texas families and small businesses by fighting to get government out of the way and by promoting policies that encourage job creation. I remain committed to working towards making life better for my constituents and future generations of Americans.


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