Lone Star College System Bond Defeated

Despite tens of thousands of dollars spent on multiple glossy mailers, radio advertising, brochures, etc., to promote the bond and incumbent trustees, the Lone Star College System $497 million bond failed last night. Two of three incumbent trustees, Dr. Forestier and Mr. Bates, were replaced by challengers Dr. Kyle Scott and Dr. Ron Trowbridge. Dr. Dave Holsey, recommended by the Texas Patriots PAC as the most conservative candidate for his position, won re-election. The election results tonight exactly matched the positions taken by the Texas Patriots PAC on the bond and supported candidates. This is no coincidence. Yesterday’s results show the power of grassroots organizing. The real story here is that the effort of regular folks walking their neighborhoods, calling voters to talk about the bond, and greeting voters at the polls all day long was more than enough to counter the expensive media blitz unleashed by the Lone Star College System.

Fifty three percent of the voters in Harris County supported the bond. But 71% of the informed voters in Montgomery County were so opposed to the bond that the smaller voting volume in Montgomery County more than made up the difference. Overall, 56% of the voters opposed the bond.

Voters we met at the polls were outraged that they would be asked to approve half a billion dollars of debt for new buildings when the Lone Star Chancellor stated in their most recent annual report that he anticipated flat enrollment. Many voters knew that half of Lone Star College students are required to take remedial courses before they can move to regular college classes; fewer knew that fewer than 10% of these students ever successfully graduate or receive certifications. We heard clearly that voters hold the K-12 public school system responsible for the unacceptably high needs for remedial education, and they did not want to subsidize more failure.

We heartily congratulate Dr. Scott and Dr. Trowbridge on their election, and Dr. Holsey on his re-election. The Texas Patriots PAC looks forward to working with these trustees and the rest of the board on finding a solution to the high rates of remedial education. The Lone Star College System is a tremendous asset to our communities, and we anticipate that today’s election results will contribute to Lone Star College’s continued success.


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