Radical Environmentalism vs. Jobs and the Economy

The European Climate Foundation based in The Hague, is a typical green--ignore the science--organization that uses United Nations meetings to push radical environmentalism to destroy liberties, kill jobs and industries, and lower our standard of living.

In Warsaw, Poland, the ECF claimed that the Polish government is ignoring its people. The basis for their claim? A telephone survey sample of only 800 Poles.

The ECF poll was a 15-minute phone interview that they claim was enough to educate the people about the climate change issue and in turn give informed responses.

The poll claims, for example, that 81% of respondents believe climate change is a serious issue, but did not define “serious.” Of course the climate changes; it always has and always will, but it is arrogant for humans to claim control over the climate.

The pollsters suggested that 90% of the Poles want “action,” but if they had explained that it could mean killing jobs, shutting down industries and lowering their standard of living, the people would surely not approve of the radical environmentalists’ “action.”

The poll also showed that 67% want coal subsidies stopped and that 40% are ready to pay more for energy, but no one in their right mind would give a blank check to the global warming cause when the globe has not warmed in 16 years.

With more than 90% of Poland’s energy produced by coal-burning plants, the ECF poll supposedly showed that the people preferred renewable energy sources, but they forgot to mention that there is no such adequate alternative energy source or advanced technology available anywhere in the world. The Obama administration, for example, has thrown billions of dollars at renewable subsidies, especially wind and solar, but the companies have gone bankrupt.

Such misleading questions during a 15-minute telephone conversation can hardly be considered scientific evidence or informed opinions, yet that was the ECF claim.

The Polish people deserve better. The pain of Communist dictatorship that stole their liberties and destroyed their industries from 1944 until it began the process to democratic reforms with the Solidarity movement in 1980 is still evident today.

Modern Poland is a stark contrast to the dark and dreary plague of Communism. Churches are now full of worshippers, industries are booming and they enjoy a higher standard of living. Poland’s gross domestic product has grown 200% while reducing carbon emissions by 32% through modernization and austerity measures--the best of the 195 parties to the infamous 1997 Kyoto Protocol. And Poland is planning to build more coal-burning power plants to grow more industries.

Americans should learn from Poland’s example. They stood up to the Communists and they are standing up to the radical environmentalists at the UN. We can likewise stand up to President Obama’s death grip on our coal energy producers. About 40% of America’s energy is coal produced, but Obama’s EPA has targeted most of them for closure. Nuclear is also rejected by the radical environmentalists claiming its potential danger and government regulations make it too costly anyway.

Congress should recall Obama’s campaign promises to bankrupt America’s coal industry and then use its U.S. Constitutional legislative authority to rein in his radical environment dictates being imposed by Executive Orders and his federal bureaucracies. American jobs and our economy depend on it.



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