Polls in Railroad Commission Race Show Ryan Sitton Lead Growing, Majority Still Undecided

In a poll released today regarding the race for Texas Railroad Commission, Ryan Sitton's campaign gained 4.25% from last week's poll. This week's poll shows Sitton at 17%. This week's poll of Republican Primary voters was conducted by Mike Baselice founder of the highly regarded firm Baselice & Associates.

Former State Rep. Wayne Christian and SREC Committeewoman Becky Berger are in a close race for second with 13% and 12%, respectively while Malachi Boyuls trails heavily at 4%.  

As is usual, in the race for Texas Railroad Commission, a full 56% of Republican Primary voters polled are still undecided, but that percentage is down nearly 10% from last week.

In releasing these numbers today, Ryan Sitton said, “After leading in cash on hand and releasing a strong Statewide Leadership list earlier this week,this news of leading in the latest poll is overwhelming. I am proud of where we are right now and committed to continue working hard for every vote. I am excited to finish this primary season strong and honored to do so with this kind of support.

Sitton's polling numbers come on the heels of yesterday's release of a very impressive statewide leadership list showing strong support from business and political leaders across Texas.

In a conversation with Sitton campaign director Brad Bailey this afternoon, Bailey confidently addressed the campaign's ability to address the conservative voters across Texas who have yet to make up their mind. "The undecided vote is still high," Bailey explained. "We feel confident that when our $1.2 million statewide media buy hits in early February that a majority of the undecided voters will choose Ryan Sitton over the other three candidates."

"Malachi Boyuls has only purchased a media buy of around $300,000 while Wayne Christian has apparently not purchased any," Bailey continued. "And the February media buy is sold out now and not available to any other candidates."

"We are excited to see Ryan's poll numbers rising," Bailey concluded. "Our team will continue the hard work of running our massive state-wide Texas campaign, but we like where we are on the final four weeks of this campaign."

Early voting for this Republican Primary begins February 18th and election day is March 4th.



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