Who is Missing From These Pictures? – Stunning No-Show at the HCRP

There was a remarkable event Monday morning at the headquarters of the Harris County Republican Party. It was a packed standing room only crowd expressing unity at a Republican press conference with a wide swath of Texans, not just Houstonians, in attendance. Several notable politicians were there taking time out of their busy day- before-the-election schedule to be there. There was a stunning no-show as well. 

Jared Woodfill held the pro-family pro-traditional marriage press conference this morning that had a plethora of elected officials and office seekers from Harris County and beyond in attendance and in participation. Jared pointed out that traditional “one man one woman” marriage is the law of the land, ranging from state laws to the city charter of Houston.

The press conference was challenging the ONE SINGLE black-robed San Antonio judge who thinks he knows better than Texans and the Texas Constitution and thousands of years of human history when he struck down Texas' traditional marriage laws. There were people representing all walks of life that eloquently and persuasively reinforced what 76% of Texans have already voted for—the traditional definition of marriage and the necessity of solid families for civilization to endure. That vote was well over what is called a LANDSLIDE margin in political terminology, usually invoked with more than a 10% spread between a vote.

Barry Smitherman, current Railroad Commission Chairman and candidate for Attorney General came in from Austin and spoke on how as Texas’ Attorney General he would defend Texas values and traditional values.



Jonathan Saenz, also from Austin, (of Texas Values – Action) echoed that they were confident that the 5th Circuit court would overturn the decision on appeal, that this is “not California”, and “when it comes to marriage and the Constitution you don’t mess with Texas!”


Dan Patrick
, hopeful to replace the current Lt. Governor of Texas, took time to be very clear...that the Republicans stand for the traditional family unit and for the Texans of all walks, colors and creeds that already voted.  





Bishop Anthony Williams, an Army veteran and clergyman said “we have banded together as brothers and sisters—men and women—white black brown” to ensure our Constitutionally protected beliefs stay that for us and our children. 





Dave Welch of the Texas Pastor Council even suggested this particular judge should be impeached!





Paul Bettencourt, candidate for Senate District 7 Texas senator, remarked on how judges usurp voter’s will and “shame on the judge” for trampling on what the people stand for. 





However, the challenger to Jared Woodfill, whose conservative credentials on social issues have repeatedly come under fire was...drum roll...a no-show. He couldn't bring himself to support traditional marriage. Why? This spoke volumes. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, NOT having a picture of him there nullifies a thousand mere campaign promises in my book. He apparently put politics over supporting conservative values (a few of his supporters are not fans of traditional marriage).

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We weren't invited.  
The event was not posted on the HCRP wesbsite's calendar.  Was this an official GOP party sponsored event?  Was it  an election eve  private event?  I see only two precinct chairs, also SD committee members in the photos.   Why weren't the other 460 precinct chairs invited?

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