Real Moms Don’t Demand Action… They TAKE IT

Moms Demand Action is an anti gun organization that works to disarm law abiding moms and dads across the country.

This organization ignores the fact that 2.5 million times last year, LAW ABIDING citizens pulled a gun in self defense and SAVED LIVES. As a parent and gun owner, I believe any parent who does NOT own a gun to defend the lives of their children, is being negligent in their responsibility as a parent.

Of course, Moms Demand Action doesn’t seem to mind guns when it comes to armed security for themselves.

Notice their sign says they demand action “for gun sense”… Ask them to define “gun sense” and you will discover their definition of gun sense is to disarm law abiding citizens by creating gun free zones in all public places.

Of course, once again they refuse to acknowledge that all the mass shootings that have occurred in this country happen in those “gun free” zones.

Criminals and crazy people with guns do not abide by gun control laws and those ridiculous “guns prohibited” signs, therefore, the signs only prevent law abiding citizens from carrying guns in those locations which makes them defenseless victims waiting to happen.



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