Protecting Constitutional Checks and Balances

Here in the Land of the Free, we value our rights. Our Founding Fathers set forth clear protections in the Bill of Rights to ensure all Americans would enjoy basic freedoms. And now when any federal politician or law enforcement official begins their service to this nation, they take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. But these days it seems like the Obama administration doesn’t care to stand by this pledge. Time and time again, we have seen the president overstep his constitutional authority.

Luckily, our Founding Fathers laid down framework to protect American citizens even in the event of an overreaching Executive – our system of checks and balances. Congress can do its part to check the Executive through oversight. We’ve passed dozens of bills to hold the president accountable to the Constitution and all Americans. We’ve even passed a bill to require the president to enforce the law, his main Constitutional duty that he’s selectively ignoring for his own political benefit. Congress will continue to do all we can to hold the president accountable.

The Supreme Court has also recognized the president’s overreach. Recently, they’ve issued many rulings to stop the power-grab. When Administration decided police can attach a GPS to your car without a search warrant or even reason to believe you’ve committed a crime, the Supreme Court struck it down in favor of our Fourth Amendment. And when the Administration argued they don’t need a search warrant to look through your cell phone records, the Supreme Court again set them straight on your ‘search and seizure’ rights. Again, when the Administration tried to sneak political appointees past Congress, the Supreme Court sent a firm reminder of the clear Constitutional process that involves Congressional approval.

All in all, the Supreme Court has delivered 13 unanimous rulings against the Obama administration’s overreach in just the past 2 years. Even the two Justices that the President appointed himself are recognizing this overreach. I’m encouraged by the Supreme Court’s rulings in favor of checks and balances and in favor of the American people.

Now two out of three coequal branches are telling the Executive enough is enough. I’ll keep fighting for your freedoms in Congress to support this two-pronged approach. I hope President Obama will take this message serious.


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