The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In 1994, Russia promised to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons. Twenty years later, that agreement is nothing but a torn up piece of paper. Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine’s sovereign territory yesterday in Putin’s latest attempt to reestablish the Russian Empire. We have seen this script before: In 1956, when the Russians invaded Hungary, or 2008 when they invaded Georgia, or earlier this year when they invaded Crimea. Each time, the West did little but complain- as long as it wasn’t them that was getting devoured by the Russian bear.

The United States and NATO need to stand by its ally Ukraine. We need to do more than make Russia promise it will not do it again. We must offer robust military assistance to Ukraine, provide alternative sources of energy to end Ukraine’s dependence on Russia, and issue severe, meaningful sanctions against Russia. As Ukrainian government officials warned me when I was there earlier this year, Russia will not stop until it is forced to stop.



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