Pete Sessions Statement on the September Jobs Report

While this month’s jobs report indicates some signs of job growth, the American economy is still not growing quickly enough or broadly enough. Since President Obama took the oath of office, nearly 60% of job gains have been in low wage work, not full time, well-paying careers. Sadly, 9.7 million Americans remain underemployed while another nearly 10 million Americans have given up looking for work altogether. Additionally, median household income has fallen nearly $5,000 over the last seven years, which means that too many Americans have been left behind even when new jobs have been created.

Two weeks ago the House of Representatives, in a concerted effort to get more Americans back to work, passed two bipartisan jobs bills to increase energy production and jump start the economy. Unfortunately, these two bills joined a stack of over 40 other jobs bills that are sitting on Senator Harry Reid’s desk yet to be given a vote. House Republicans understand what it takes to unshackle the economy from ineffective big government policies and implement real solutions that would unleash the free enterprise system and create more jobs. I urge the Senate to consider and pass these jobs bills and join our effort to increase employment for all Americans.


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