Fascism, Is It Coming Here?

During their rise to powers, the Nazi Party in Germany and the Mussolini fascist party in Italy often unleashed thugs into the streets to create disorder while at the same time, claiming that if in power, they would produce order from the chaos they have created.

In Wisconsin, we saw an attempt to intimidate lawmakers beginning with screaming protesters, legislators who left the state to keep a vote from occurring, and thugs who would show up at legislators’ homes. The goal was to create chaos while presenting the mob as the victim, and this is only the beginning. As an editorial noted, “Thousands of screaming protesters provided America with a preview of the union mobocracy coming soon to a legislature, city council or school board near you. State, county and city governments across the country might well find themselves facing the same confrontational tactics that caused havoc in Wisconsin.”

The left has decided to adopt tactics of the 60’s, moving away from political speech and toward confrontational and even violence similar to groups like the Students for a Democratic Society. Outside agitators moved into Wisconsin by SEIU, Obama’s Organizing for America, and organizations created out of the dustbin of what was ACORN.

Demonstrators broke windows, forced open doors leading to mob actions designed to interfere with the legislation process and even death threats were issued to Republican legislators. This is gangster politics, gangster government beginning at the top and all through what can no longer be considered the loyal opposition.

One does not want to use words like fascism to describe your opponents, especially since these labels are often used against conservatives and Tea Party members by opponents who have no true understanding of fascism. I will not say that our opponents are fascist or for that matter, the administration, but there is no doubt that the tactics used in Wisconsin by the unions and the Democratic Party are undemocratic.

What if this was a Tea Party demonstration, the word fascist would be used every fifteen minutes by the mainstream media (and unless you watch Fox or bloggers like Ann Althouse, you wouldn’t even know about the death threats or the mobs.) If the left and public sectors insist on using similar tactics in other states then there is only one conclusion that can be concluded. The left is no longer Democratic as they use the tactics of intimidation, mob rule and attempt to shut down government. If you don’t want to be labeled a fascist, then don’t use undemocratic tactics.

If Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had not prevailed in the first round, mobocracy would have prevailed. The left will not stop in Wisconsin as recall elections and interference with judicial process attempting to overturn the 2010 elections are taking place. Our country is at a crucial point in its history. Will we stay a nation of law or a nation of men ruled by those willing to use whatever power needed for control.


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"We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike" - Adolf Hitler, May 2, 1933

Do you understand the definition of fascism?

It's a marriage between corporations and government (the GOP is doing everything possible to give corporations more money and influence - check Michigan)...
...seeking the elimination of opposing parties to create a single-party state (silencing unions, the Dems' biggest supporters)...
...using an authoritarian leadership to represent the state as a singular collective identity (all this talk about a "mandate from the people" and the invisible "silent majority" of Wisconsin)...
...rooted in a rabid nationalism that believes the country is kept strong through war and violence (Fox, the GOP's biggest media ally, is now trying to push for war with Iran, and Scott Walker threatened to call the National Guard on protesters)...
...and displaying an aversion to different ethnic groups and religions, as they introduce different cultures and ideas that threaten the ideal of the collective identity (hearings focused on Muslim radicals and attempts to send Hispanic immigrants back to Mexico).

There is a threat of fascism, but you're only presenting a diversion from the real danger.

So let me see if I understand this correctly. If thousands of citizens come together to protest what they percieve as unjust for days or weeks on end, and that happens in Egypt, it's called a fight for democracy. If it happens in Wisconsin it's called fascism. 

In truth what is happening in Wisconsin is democracry in action in all of it's messiness. That's how it works people. Hopefully the end result is something that is the most fair to the most people. Doesn't that sound like a good goal ?  Or do there have to be more societal 'losers' to prop up the 'winners' and make them feel good about themselves? 

We're broke? Give me a break.  

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