Abortion Barbie Manages a New Campaign Low

Wendy Davis is one of those politicians who fascinates me since she is certainly one of the most incompetent campaigners. From the beginning, when she exaggerated her life story and even made a snide comment about her opponent running from her campaign, referring to a candidate who is confined to a wheel chair. In recent debates, she simply talked over the moderator and proved that she is as rude as classless.

Her most recent ad in which she has an empty wheelchair to make a political point shows why Texans will be rejecting her this upcoming election.

The problem with Ms. Davis is that her reputation was built on opposing a law restricting late term abortions, including aborting babies who were old enough to be saved in neonatology units and regulating abortion clinics so they would meet the standard of other ambulatory clinics.

While many on the left would view Ms. Davis a hero for this, most Texans were asking, “Really?” This recent ad simply showed that Democrats must have felt they needed a sacrificial lamb at the beginning of this campaign and Davis was as good as any other.

Maybe there is a lesson here, you shouldn’t nominate a candidate who is an abortion extremist in a Red State where a little common sense occasionally occurs to voters. Davis' biggest weakness is her hubris in believing that no matter what she says or does, the predominately liberal media will let her get away with it. The recent ad attacking a wheelchair bound candidate is one of those ads that good minded persons could agree is an ad that has gone too far. Too bad it didn’t occur to Wendy Davis that maybe this ad would be tasteless. Or maybe this shows something about her character.




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