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Despite all of the noise Battleground Texas made, Battleground Texas faded into the night in Bexar County, their great BLUE Hope dashed and Texas remained RED. Leticia Van de Putte may have won the voters in Bexar County but ultimately Dan Patrick won the Lt Governor’s seat. In fact, in Bexar County only two statewide officials lost by a thin margin. Musical Chairs are in play now that the general election is over. Van de Putte is campaigning for Mayor of San Antonio leaving her Senate District 26 seat open.

Republican Alma Perez Jackson, a native San Antonian and a rising star in the Republican Party has taken the initiative to run for SD26. She is an established conservative that has earned the respect and admiration of the GOP. Alma has proven herself by being elected to the State Republican Executive Committee for SD26 and by working long hours recruiting Precinct Chairs for Bexar County. She was honored as one of the Republican volunteers representing SD26 in 2013. She has been endorsed by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and received a 92% from the National Rifle Association. Jackson has the ability, the smarts, the determination and the personality suited for public office and to garner the votes necessary to win this special election. Election dates are yet to be announced but should be soon.

Jackson was introduced by Right to Life Elizabeth Graham at a dinner as being the only candidate who is Pro Life. Two very liberal pro-abortion Texas state representatives Trey Martinez Fischer, HD116 and Jose Menendez, HD124 are jumping at the chance to move up to Van de Putte’s vacated seat.

Researching Menendez’ voting record indicates that he has not passed any significant legislation and is a ‘ditto’ for Van de Putte. His liberal leanings show up when he introduced a bill requiring photo ID for credit card transactions but voted nay for Voter ID. As a Central Catholic graduate, he certainly is not following Catholic Doctrine and proves once again that in many cases politics trumps faith. His voting record begs the question, “What has he really accomplished as a state rep for his constitutions”?

Trey Martinez Fischer is infamous for his controversial comments on Greg Abbott and his deportment at the Democratic 2014 state convention. In his desire to gain favor with his liberal friends and win votes for abortion Wendy Davis, he mocked Abbott by calling him ‘the little devil’.

According to several news sources he also insulted Republicans by calling them “Gringos y otros pendejos.” I am not sure I would be too offended by the word Gringo but ‘pendejo’ is another thing. ‘Pendejo’ is about the lowest form of dumb in Spanish and an extremely offensive word used to describe anyone. He was also accused of offending Latinos as Fischer set up a booth at the convention posing attendees with ‘machetes, mustaches and sombreros’. It seems Fischer was an embarrassment to himself and the party he stands by. The voters of SD26 should expect more from an elected official who finds it necessary to demean his opponents.

Fischer's voting record is like Menendez’, 100% for NARAL, National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, a Pro Choice organization. They are both against Voter ID and are rated high on environmental issues. Their business acumen is rated low. They are definitely not fiscally responsible. Fischer is certainly not a gun rights advocate as he received a 17% from the National Rifle Association in 2012.

Just in case you read that some lost Republicans are supporting Menendez, just keep in mind that Menendez is a ‘ditto’ and the status quo will remain…NADA will be accomplished for SD26.

Why would the citizens of SD26 settle for either of these two extremely liberal choices each of whose record at the Texas House is mediocre at best when they can choose an energetic and conservative candidate with untapped potential? Alma Perez Jackson will serve the citizens of Senate District 26 well. San Antonio has the opportunity to return this district to its conservative values. Please share this report with your friends and relatives in San Antonio.

I urge you to contribute to Jackson’s campaign by sending in your donation to:

Alma Perez Jackson
5804 Babcock Rd PMB #334
San Antonio, Texas 78240

2012 Record

If you would like to help Alma win this election contact Sharon Hall or Lori Granados for block walking or phone banking by emailing them at [email protected] 210 289 7396 or [email protected], 512-848-3547


Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!


Voting Records

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