WI Democrat Senators Return - Here's a Cure for Future AWOL Democrat Cowards

Last weekend, the fourteen AWOL (Absent Without Leave) Democrat Senators from Wisconsin returned to the state capitol. Big whoop!  These guys are traitors and cowards and deserve to be thrown out of office by their voters. Wisconsin allows for recall of elected officials.  Now is the time for that to happen.  Send a message that cowardice under fire is not allowed by elected officials.

A distrubing tactic is unfolding in the Democrat playbook. Instead of accepting the results of an election, when they can't win - they run! These senators were elected to do a job. Represent the people of their districts.  ALL OF THEM! When these cowards fled the state to avoid losing a vote they didn't like, they abandoned the people of their district who wanted this vote to take place.  

Texas Democrats began this cowardly practice when twice, in the last decade, first the House Democrats fled to Oklahoma and then, in the next session, Senate Democrats fled to New Mexico.

Wisconsin Democrats followed suit to stop the legislature from making necessary budgetary changes to balance their states budget.  Last month 30 Indiana Democrats joined in the cowardly practice.

In our military, being AWOL is one of the most shameful of crimes that can be committed. It is the abandonment of one's responsibility and obligations. Especially in time of war, it is considered to be the mark of a coward.

This cowardly behavior must stop and I have a solution for the problem. A simple piece of legislation that would bring serious consequences to cowardly behavior. I propose Texas, Wisconsin and any other state who has problems with disloyal Democrats to submit and pass the following legislative act: (Substitute your state's name.)

“In the event that any member of the Texas House of Representatives or the Texas Senate, leaves the state of Texas during a regular or special legislative session, without permission of the Speaker of the House, or the President of the Senate for a period exceeding 3 business days and where such absence would prevent a quorum being established to allow said legislative body to conduct the business of the state; that members seat will be deemed to have been resigned by the member.  The Governor of Texas would then appoint a replacement member to serve until a special election could be called to replace the member.”

Problem solved.  I doubt any Democrat would flee the state and allow a Republican governor to name their replacement.

The small time our legislature is in session is very valuable. For it to be wasted by spoiled brats who want to take their football and leave because they can't get their way is sinful and should have serious consequences.

The legislative idea above has been submitted to my State Rep, Allen Fletcher. I hope he takes action with it. Please contact your state legislator or senator and ask them to submit this as a bill in the current legislative session. Stop AWOL Democrats today!


throw in some language that will penalize proxy voting.  This nonsense of having someone else push the button has to end.

If you look at the time line the Democrat governors were doing their job as elected.  As many have stated they left so there was time actual time for public debate. If they hadn't left there would have only been 3 Days between when the bill was introduced and then voted on.    
Not only that while they were gone they had to pay for their hotel rooms and their pay was stopped.  This along with treats of a recall. So whether you like their actionis or not where is the cowardice?

Adam, thank you for your comment and the link to the story.  Since you sent that story let me quote something from it...

"They say they're boycotting until Republicans assure them they won't debate public education and anti-union measures the Democrats oppose."

Refusal to participate in your lawfully required duty, simply because you are afraid you will lose the debate is cowardice and is a threat to the very priniples of our democratic Republic.

Thank you for helping make my point more clear.


That would be an entirely different issue, but a very good idea.  Maybe even the topic of a future story.



And here is the part that comes right before what you quoted "Indiana House Democrats have also fled to Illinois for similar reasons" If you noticed I was talking about the WI Democrats not the IN ones.

Wisconsin Democrats left for the same reason.  They know they are going to lose the vote so, rather than take an "Alamo" stand, fight, express their issues and truly represent ALL of their constituents, they fled the state like cowards.

As I said this is becoming a disturbing and disruptive trend.  Here is another quote from your article referenced...

"Both walkouts are reminiscent of a 2003 confrontation in Texas, where Democrats who were outnumbered in a battle over congressional redistricting boarded a bus and fled for the Oklahoma border. Their goal was to stay away for one week to kill the bill by running it up against a legislative deadline. But they also knew their efforts were only temporary because Republican Gov. Rick Perry would call them into special session all summer until a bill passed, which he did."

So... The cowardly Democrats knew they would lose the issue anyway when the special session was called and fled anyway. Their cowardly act cost the taxpayers of Texas millions of dollars for a special session to do the work they retreated from in the general session.

These men and women are paid to do a job.  Paid to represent ALL of the people of their districts.  Not just the union thugs.  Not just the teachers.  All of the people.  By cowardly running from their state like scared little children, they undermine the fundamental principles of our Republic.  This trend must stop.



Maybe I'm wrong but I can't find any place that you have stated anything against the anonymous  filibuster in congress.  I find this act to be cowardice being able to put a bill on hold and at the very least to not say that you are doing it.  Take for example the whistle blower protection act.  Some republican filibustered against it but didn't want his name mentioned.  On the other hand the WI democrats went without their pay, had to pay for the hotels to stay and and everyone knows who did it and threatened a recall.  So whether you agree with why it was done  in your opinion which action is more cowardice: the "in the shadow anonymous filibuster"thing or the out in the open reaction in WI?

This may be good if the gov is a member of your own party.  Otherwise an appointment could upset the balance unfavorably.  A less partisan way to resolve this is to have the seat stay open until a special election can be held, and reduce the quorum accordingly.   One leaves, quorum goes down by one.

I know this is a hard point for you libs to understand, but the process you describe is in the rules of the US Senate.  While you may not like the practice, it is following the rules of conduct in the US Senate. Fleeing the state is not within the rules.

Paying a hotel bill and not receiving their salary is not bravery. It is simply financial expense.   BTW, are you sure they are actually paying for their hotel rooms?  Or is some union guy paying it for them?   Just asking....

Texas Legislator Dan Branch (R - Dallas) has submitted a Texas Constitutional Amendment relating to quorum.  The resolution, if approved by the House and Senate, would put to the voters of Texas a change to the Texas Constitution regarding quarum in both bodies of the legislature.

Currently the Texas Constitution requires that 2/3rds of the members of that body be present to meet quorum.  The proposed amendment would change that to read 2/3rds of the members present in the state of Texas must be present to meet quorum.

The bill is currently pending in the State Affairs committee.



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