WI Democrat Senators Return - Here's a Cure for Future AWOL Democrat Cowards

Last weekend, the fourteen AWOL (Absent Without Leave) Democrat Senators from Wisconsin returned to the state capitol. Big whoop!  These guys are traitors and cowards and deserve to be thrown out of office by their voters. Wisconsin allows for recall of elected officials.  Now is the time for that to happen.  Send a message that cowardice under fire is not allowed by elected officials.

A distrubing tactic is unfolding in the Democrat playbook. Instead of accepting the results of an election, when they can't win - they run! These senators were elected to do a job. Represent the people of their districts.  ALL OF THEM! When these cowards fled the state to avoid losing a vote they didn't like, they abandoned the people of their district who wanted this vote to take place.  

Texas Democrats began this cowardly practice when twice, in the last decade, first the House Democrats fled to Oklahoma and then, in the next session, Senate Democrats fled to New Mexico.

Wisconsin Democrats followed suit to stop the legislature from making necessary budgetary changes to balance their states budget.  Last month 30 Indiana Democrats joined in the cowardly practice.

In our military, being AWOL is one of the most shameful of crimes that can be committed. It is the abandonment of one's responsibility and obligations. Especially in time of war, it is considered to be the mark of a coward.

This cowardly behavior must stop and I have a solution for the problem. A simple piece of legislation that would bring serious consequences to cowardly behavior. I propose Texas, Wisconsin and any other state who has problems with disloyal Democrats to submit and pass the following legislative act: (Substitute your state's name.)

“In the event that any member of the Texas House of Representatives or the Texas Senate, leaves the state of Texas during a regular or special legislative session, without permission of the Speaker of the House, or the President of the Senate for a period exceeding 3 business days and where such absence would prevent a quorum being established to allow said legislative body to conduct the business of the state; that members seat will be deemed to have been resigned by the member.  The Governor of Texas would then appoint a replacement member to serve until a special election could be called to replace the member.”

Problem solved.  I doubt any Democrat would flee the state and allow a Republican governor to name their replacement.

The small time our legislature is in session is very valuable. For it to be wasted by spoiled brats who want to take their football and leave because they can't get their way is sinful and should have serious consequences.

The legislative idea above has been submitted to my State Rep, Allen Fletcher. I hope he takes action with it. Please contact your state legislator or senator and ask them to submit this as a bill in the current legislative session. Stop AWOL Democrats today!


I find it interesting that you somehow think I must a liberal just because I do not find the actions of the WI Dems to be cowardly.  One does not always have to agree with some one to find their actions non-cowardly.  As far as what I have said I don't see anything that really points to my position one way or another as far as a left /right view.  But if we go with your view that it must be within the rules to be brave then it would seem to me that you are saying the following cases are acts of cowardice.  First the people of Texas breaking away from Mexico it was after all an armed rebellion and illegal in so far as the laws at the time were concerned.  Second all of the U.S. founding fathers must also be cowards given that once again their actions were not within the rules.  And, third if one must act within the rules that means radical republican Frederick Douglass was not brave since he clearly broke the rules by being a run-away slave.  Yes I am taking it to extremes but I'm just playing your line of thought out to the fullest.  I, however, am guessing this is not what you really are trying to say.

I don't believe I said paying hotel bills and not receiving a salary were acts of bravery I believe what I have been trying to say is that I don't see how their actions are acts of cowardice.  And, no if someone is not a coward that does not automatically make someone brave either.  As far as the paying:

"the Wisconsin senators said they were on their own, using discount travel Web sites in search of deals every time they moved to a new hideout.

“I really miss my kids, and I’m going to have to find a Laundromat soon, said Mr. Erpenbach, who is living, he says, out of a duffel and a backpack. 'But I can deal with this. When we come home is up to the governor.'"




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