A Plea to the GOP


My name is Norman E. Adams. I have been a small business owner (an insurance agent) for 47 years. I have been active in the Republican Party for 47 years. In the last 30 years, due to the abortion issue, I have not missed a precinct caucus. I have been a delegate to every Republican Senatorial Convention and every State Republican Convention. I have been a delegate or an alternate to five National Conventions. I am proud to have served on the Texas Republican Party Platform Committee four times!


This is a plea to my fellow conservative Republicans! Did you attend a Tea Party prior to the 2010 election? How many times did you call a so-called “blue dog” Democrat to try to convince him or her to vote against Obamacare? Are you sick of a government that cannot stop spending that seems intent on bankrupting our country, leaving it perpetually in debt? Are you happy our leaders are afraid to acknowledge that we are at war with “radical Islamists” and seem perfectly willing to grant unlawful combatants constitutional protections at the expense of sound intelligence and our safety? What will your reaction be the next time someone says there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats?


Republicans cannot repeat the mistakes of the past. Between 2004 and 2008, Republicans lost the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency. Clearly, Republicans lost the faith of conservatives and the American people on a host of issues. One of the key issues was immigration.

It is no secret that immigration reform fractured the Republican Party. More than any other issue during George W. Bush’s second term, the immigration issue crippled the GOP coalition. Moreover, it reversed the growth of the party’s support in the Hispanic community. Richard Nadler extensively chronicled this movement from 2004 to 2008. Read his “Edge of the Wedge: Immigration and the Congressional Races of 2008” at www.amermaj.com to see how the Congressional candidates who embraced a hard-line restrictionist approach to immigration reform underperformed their opponents.

Barack Obama and the Socialist Democrats understand this very well. In 2009, they faced a united opposition to their efforts to impose cap and trade and the takeover of health care. On November 2, 2010, they paid a big price for their efforts. But, have no doubt, the Democrats know exactly how to drive a wedge through the heart of the GOP. That wedge is immigration reform. Accordingly, Republicans need to get on the same page on immigration. We need this not simply for an electoral advantage, but because it is the right policy.

We will not support amnesty that does nothing to solve our border security problem. Nor do we embrace mass deportations that will disrupt our economy and destroy millions of households with citizens and non-citizens living under one roof. Moreover, the GOP cannot afford more anti-immigrant rhetoric that splits our coalition and makes it impossible to compete for the growing Latino vote!

I believe Republicans can embrace an approach on immigration that avoids these two policy extremes. We can embrace an immigration policy that upholds our principles and values, but also puts us on a path for future electoral victories. Please hear me out!


Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy is a coalition I helped form to offer a “sensible” solution to our immigration problem. It is not amnesty nor is it deportation. I believe that illegal immigration is a problem. We are right to be concerned that individuals are coming into this country illegally, without identification and in some cases avoiding taxes.

I believe that a controlled flow of properly identified and properly taxed immigrant workers is a good thing. Having this flow will help us secure our border and manage our labor needs during times of economic growth and recession.

Everyone agrees we must control our borders. Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy supports the following procedures:

  1. Replace our 1936 Social Security card with a 21st century photo ID card that cannot be counterfeited.
  2. Require every noncitizen within our borders to submit to a positive ID, including DNA, photo, and criminal background check.
  3. Anyone with a violent crime history should be deported.
  4. Noncitizens, once properly ID’d and deemed eligible, would pay a fine where appropriate and be issued a ten-year Legal Status, allowing them to work and travel.
  5. After ten years they could apply for Permanent Residency. They would have to show ability to understand and speak English and have paid their fines and back taxes. Only then would they be able to apply for citizenship, with "back of the line" provisions.
  6. Noncitizens should not be allowed to work as independent contractors. They should only be allowed to work for “good faith” employers (that withhold and match taxes).
  7. Noncitizens with Temporary Legal Status should not receive Social Security and Medicare benefits. Their tax revenue should continue to subsidize our Social Security and Medicare funds.
  8. NO SHORTCUTS TO CITIZENSHIP, except for military service!
  9. Immigration quotas should be regulated on an as needed basis, with tax incentives for employers to hire citizens first.


More than a few Republicans have bought into the anti-immigrant rhetoric that flows freely in print, on the web, through email, and on the airwaves. "We need to deport all of them. What part of illegal don’t you understand?” goes the mantra. I agree there is a problem that needs fixing. But let’s use the brains God gave us to find a good solution. We need these immigrant workers! Why?

  1. ECONOMICS. The Cato Institute has demonstrated that where the percentage of illegal immigrant workers is highest, the wages of American born workers has risen faster than those states with fewer immigrants. Economic activity drives wages and the need for workers higher!
  2. FERTILITY RATE. We need immigrants and their children!
  • The minimum birth rate to sustain a population is 2.1%, yet America's fertility rate in 2009 was 2.01%!
  • Every year more American born workers are retiring than are entering the workforce. This is especially true in lower skill trades.
  • Since Roe v. Wade, we have aborted nearly fifty million children in the United States!
  • It is simple mathematics, we have more low skilled jobs than we have American-born workers “willing” to fill them.


The GOP made in-roads into the Hispanic community in the 2000 and 2004 election cycles. It is not surprising. The GOP’s commitment to economic freedom and opportunity, the protection of the unborn, support for traditional marriage, and even educational choice resonates with the Hispanic community.

The reversal of this trend in 2006 and 2008 was the direct result of extremist policy positions (e.g., support for mass deportations) and inflammatory rhetoric about immigrants that repelled Hispanics. Republicans do not have to compromise their principles to attract the Hispanic vote. We proved that in 2000, 2004, and again in 2010!

Our success in winning back the Hispanic vote in 2010 provides us with a roadmap to follow. Republican Marco Rubio in Florida received 55% of the Hispanic vote. Republican Mark Kirk in Illinois received 48% of the Hispanic vote. Governor Rick Perry won 39% of the Hispanic vote in 2010. All three candidates outperformed the national average of 30%. In Texas, the GOP added five Hispanic members in the House and a member of the Texas Supreme Court. In addition, pro-life Democrat Aaron Peña has now joined the Republican Party.

The Texas GOP and, indeed, the national GOP should look to these races in Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, and Florida as a roadmap to victory. We should look to our newly elected Hispanic Republicans for leadership on retaining our gains among the Hispanic community and making new gains in the future.


In the 2011 legislative session, the Texas GOP embraced the issues that won the day for us in 2010: Fiscal restraint, reducing the size of government, reducing the property tax burden on Texans, opposing the federal take-over of our health care, and fighting to defend life and marriage.

The legislature wisely declined to follow examples of Arizona and Georgia in adopting anti-business, anti-immigrant measures that accomplish nothing substantive on the federal issue of immigration and drives wedges between the GOP and Hispanics and even private businesses. I believe Governor Perry and other new GOP leaders like Marco Rubio and Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico have the right view.

The fact that the federal government has failed to fulfill its duty should not force states to impose unfunded mandates on local law enforcement. Doing so will only turn the immigration debate “toxic” in our states and waste valuable time in legislatures where other state issues need priority! But, don’t take my word for it. Talk to your newest Hispanic GOP members. We need to secure the border and have a workable immigration system. Adopting an Arizona-style approach will actually make those things harder to get, not easier.

My fellow Americans, fellow Republicans, I pray you will be moved to consider what I have said and give it a fair hearing. I believe this is the right approach on principle and politics. Republicans must take control of all three “houses” in Washington DC. We cannot afford to lose elections in 2012. Looking at the polls today, it is clear that Democrats have done themselves great harm by pursuing a radical left-wing agenda. But it will not be enough for Republicans to simply expect voters to come running back to them. The GOP needs to offer clear principles and clear solutions. A sound immigration policy is critical. It cannot be “amnesty,” nor can it be “deportation.” We need an immigration solution that will unite the GOP!

I pray God will move us to do what is necessary to right the wrongs in our great land. Stop the slaughter of the unborn. Defend us from evil, and move us to “do unto others.”

Norman E. Adams
Cofounder for Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy
www.txsip.com, and a regular blogger on www.texasgopvote.com

Please forward this to your friends. Please ask every elected official you know to email me expressing their support or their objection. I will gladly meet with every one of them!

If you know someone that wants to be added to my email list, let me know!

Thank God, I do have a job. You can reach me at

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800-438-8346 / 713-869-8346
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My Dear Mr. Adams,Selling out the republican party principles to think you might gain a few votes is ludacris. I believe there are 15 million people who are unlawfully here.  You don't reward criminals!!!!!! Most of these have committed identity fraud, which is a felony.  Let's not pull another Reagan fauxpau by encouraging more illegals.  With unemployment now at an all time high(17.5%}, let me assure you that adding these criminals legally to our workforce is asinine and stupid.  California is bankrupt because of them, as most CA republicans know, in spite of our Governor and his lies.  Get some sense, Mr. Adams.  

Certainly, everyone would agree that illegal aliens with violent backgrounds should be deported. However, your proposed solution of granting amnesty to illegal aliens who do not have a violent criminal background would greatly endanger national security. Take, for example, Mohammed Atta - one of the 9/11 hijackers. Mr. Atta did not have a violent criminal background. Accordingly, under your scenario, an amnesty program - coupled with the federal government's already-present refusal to enforce our immigration laws - would have only further facilitated his illegal presence in the United States.

I think it's also important to note that your scenario doesn't take into account the wage-earning capabilities of current illegal aliens. A recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center indicated that most illegal aliens are less-educated workers who work in low-skilled occupations. Suddenly granting these workers amnesty will not provide them with a higher level of education, new job skills, or a massive increase in wage-earning capability. Amnesty will, however, make these workers eligible for the more than 70 programs that comprise the massive American welfare system. The Heritage Foundation has estimated that the increased utilization of welfare programs by low-wage earning amenstied illegal aliens that would follow the passage of an amnesty bill would cost American taxpayers $700 billion per year.

Too often, the solution is put in terms of "deport them all" or "give almost all of them amnesty." This is really a false choice. If the United States were to adopt a vigorous enforcement strategy - border enforcement, interior enforcement, mandatory employee verification, etc. - there would be no need to "deport them all." Instead, many illegal aliens would return home (self-deport) on their own, especially when it became impossible for them to obtain employment. In this way, a short-term (several years) investment in serious immigration enforcement would solve the illegal immigration problem at a relatively low cost to the American taxpayers. In fact, it would cost American citizens exactly $0 for each illegal alien we could encourage to go home on their own.

Also be sure to check out the comments on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/posted.php?id=78019793630&sha...

You are an idiot. Why even waste space saying what you just said. We have heard this a million times. Read the article again and see what a well thought out article using ones head reads like and then read your regurgitation of useless info sounds like.

Roberto, the only Republican principles I suggested "selling" were our family values, and work ethic.  Republicans need to do a better job of selling our values to legal Hispanics who are primarily Catholic Heritage.  They should vote Republican not Democratic.

Second, my article has no mention of amnesty.  I was also very specific about no short cuts to citizenship.
Incidentally, if we could bring Reagan back, would you oppose him too?

California is broke because of its self inflicted socialism.  You referenced our Governor. What did Governor Perry have to do with California's problems?

Roberto, I fully identified myself. My credentials as Republican are easily verified. So, why don't you post your phone, email, and full name so everyone can know who you are??

You espouse conservative,  pro American values, however what I see in your article is not pro American.  You can put whatever words you want on the subject but you are pro open borders and your solution is amnesty.  I believe you are extremely self serving since your insurance company does a lot of business with the construction industry and you along with the construction companies you insure are making a very good living off the backs of illegals.  Please note for you and your open borders friends (both in and out of the Republican Party) - not only will this pathway to citizenship legalize what you call "poor, hard working illegals" this pathway to citizenship will also legalize the likes of the 9/11 highjackers (most of which were here illegally), Smadi who was salavating to blow up a building in Dallas last year (he & his brother are both illegal from Jordan), don't forget the "Ft. Dix Six", half of which came in through our southern border illegally.   Are you really so naive that you believe any of these illegals will fall in line, pay a fine, etc., etc.   They didn't care about our laws in the first place, what makes you think they will do it now???  Statistically, only 35% are interested in really pursuing the American dream, the rest want to go back to their countries of origin with fat wallets.


As an initial matter, what I have proposed is not "amnesty" despite your insistence on calling it that. I propose no short-cuts to citizenship. The restrictionist crowd has a bad habit of labeling any immigration reform with which they do not agree amnesty. This is part of the problem that keeps us from fixing our broken immigration system. Indeed, it was THIS system, not the one I propose, that allowed Mohammed Atta and his henchmen to infiltrate the United States initiate the 9/11 attacks. THIS is the system your obstinacy and "chicken little" amnesty declarations keep us from fixing! Moreover, I propose nothing that would make illegal immigrants eligible for the American welfare system. I agree that a massive amnesty program making illegal immigrants automatic citizens would increase welfare utilization, that is why I vehemently oppose such a system. Did you actually read my proposal?

Yet, a massive amnesty bill is exactly what you are going to get if the GOP does not regain its lost influence in Congress. I am proposing a path back to power and fixing immigration. What you are proposing (or opposing) will lead to a real Democratic-led amnesty bill being shoved down our throats the same way they are force feeding us "health care reform."

Finally you tout the "self-deport" argument. Yes, the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants here with families and children will suddenly migrate back home. Maybe the tooth fairy will join them. They key word is "home." Where is "home" for the 19 year old illegal immigrant who came to this country when she was four? Where is home for the illegal immigrant mother and father who live in a house, pay a mortgage, and have three kids in American public school (speaking English, by the way)? Where is home for man working as a foreman in construction for the last 15 years, with a wife and family, all of whom are legal?

Your "deport 'em all" approach makes no sense as a policy or a political stance for the GOP. It will only marginalize you and lead to real Amnesty, courtesy of the Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic-led Congress. Please wake up before it is too late!

WOW.  People are ideologically blinkered on this problem, just like MSNBC hosts are blinkered about conservatives by their distrust and denial.   You can spell it out for them and they just can't see it.

If the ideal of the American founders could ever be restored, the federal government would have few and defined powers.  Regulatory and police powers were to be largely left to the states, which would rise or fall on the wisdom of their own laws.  California would be broke, with no hope of panting for a bailout of federally printed money.

While people gnash their teeth about immigrants, they are going to pay through the nose for a socialism that the bailout of California will be only a sample of.

But, if that ideal of America could be restored, maybe these people could have their own state.  We could see how their inflamed spleen policies would work out forthem.  If they made it another generation, imagine what fine specimens of wise and productive human beings they might produce. :-)

Mr. Abrams, I could not find fault with anything you have posted.  I am one of many conservative Hispanics that felt repulsed by the rhetoric used by many of the GOP leaders and their followers regarding immigration.  The idea of tearing apart families by immigration officials(which I saw as a young child) made me wonder if perhaps the Dems were correct in saying that one can not be both conservative and compassionate at the same time.....at least not in politics.
I only wonder how many of us the part lost (or almost lost) in 2008.

Your platform for solving the illegal immigration problem sounds wonderful, and is quite reasonable and might just work if, we could somehow actually identify all the 10-20 or more million illegals. We have been told by all the liberals that it just can't be done. If we could I.D them, we could deport them and you should know, that ain't gonna happen.

And if we could somehow enforce the laws we have on the books right now about hiring illegals, which we can't, your plan might work.... but, we can't.

Secondly, your premise that we lost the Hispanic vote because of the Republican's harh anti-immigrant rhetoric is not exactly true as I see it. What happened was, the Republicans were unable to keep the Democrats from framing the issue as a racial issue instead of a citizenship issue and a fiscal issue. The media was instrumental in this defeat, but now any mention of immigration reform and certainly any mention of illegal immigration is immediately attacked as racist, bigoted, anti-Mexican, etc. The fact is, the Republicans started losing the Hispanic vote as soon as they started talking about actually doing something about it.

It doesn't matter what platform you devise on the issue of immigration short of amnesty for all and open borders, it will be attacked as racist and the Hispanics will not vote for it, no matter how conservative or rational they are on other issues. To them, the issue of immigration is all about La Raza. That is why they all but refuse to use the term illegal aliens or even illegal immigrant. Many otherwise good and loyal Hispanic citizens prefer to see illegal immigrants as merely “undocumented”.

To be honest, the only way to win back the Hispanic vote now will be to drop the issue entirely and give up on it, just as the Left hopes we will. If you do that, you will lose my vote and millions of others who feel strongly about this issue and split the conservative vote, allowing the Democrats to retain power.


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