(Shock Video) Dallas Teacher Watches and does NOTHING as Bully Attacks Student

Fights happen at schools, right? Well this fight is different than your normal school fight story. A Seagoville High School Student (Dallas, TX) gets attacked at school and the teacher just stands there and watches the whole thing. The teacher did nothing! Even if you buy the argument that the teacher did not want to get hurt, the teacher still did not even yell stop or call for help. This teacher even seems to enjoy the attack and just stands there watching until the boy who was attacked walks out of the room. This teacher is a disgrace.

Even a grandmother in this video has the guts to step in to try to break up an assault at McDonalds. It is interesting to note that the guy flipping burgers at this McDonalds was fired for watching and enjoying the fight instead of, I don’t know, calling the police! It is good to know we have a much lower standard of school employees trying to keep students safe in Texas Schools (sarcasm). The guy flipping burgers gets fired but the teacher gets a pat on the back.

Teacher Unions Enable Bullying…. And they even Support Cop Killers

The teachers union backs this teacher 100% because, well, that is what unions do. Most of a union sales pitch is centered on the idea that the union will represent you and protect you from the big bad supervisors who want to punish you when you do something wrong. This California teachers union is even supporting convicted cop killers for crying out loud! And I will be coming out with a story soon about a killer here in Texas who wants to be a police officer and, you guessed it, the union is backing this killer to get a badge.

Texas School Policy Enables Bullying and Assaults at Schools

A big problem in most Texas Schools is that school policy enables bullying, fights and violence. Yep, you heard me right. So how do they enable bullying? It is simple. Many Texas Schools have a policy that automatically and evenly disciplines both students involved in any fight (or assault). This enables bullying and victimizes the victim because the victims of assaults are not allowed to fight back, and if they do try to defend themselves they get the same punishment as the bully who attacked them. This allows for bullies to roam schools and attack students with little or no resistance because the good students do not want to fight back for fear of getting disciplined. But wait, you might say they don’t have to fight back because the teachers are there to protect them from fighting and will discipline the attacker. WRONG! The Dallas school system says they are “investigating” but I don’t know what there is to investigate because you have the darn video.

Lumberton ISD Principal Mr. Lynn Bilberry is Prime Example of Schools Enabling Bullying

I am not just making this stuff up about schools in Texas enabling bullying. I write this based on personal knowledge of kids in my own hometown of Lumberton, TX who got assaulted at school and the principal tried to give the person who was attacked a suspension for trying to defend himself in the attack. And don’t bother reporting bullying to the High School Principal here at Lumberton ISD, Mr. Lynn Bilberry, because this principal told me once, when I reported bullying of a student, that there is no bullying at his school and when kids harass and make fun of other kids, it is not bullying and instead it is just “kids having fun”. Principal Bilberry even tried to get a student arrested for attempting to record the verbal assaults of the other students so that there was proof of the bullying to show the principal who does not believe there is bullying at his school.

We need to do a better job of protecting children in schools from bullying. It starts with hiring decent teachers and goes all the way up to changing school policy.


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I am boiling mad about these bullies and am all for harsh punishment equal to that of a hate crime... My daughters were both victims of bullying in school .  5 yrs ago when my husband and I presented it to the administrators and counselors we were told that it was "kids being kids."   Furthermore they told one of our daughters if she shows them that she is upset they will just keep doing it.... We were floored!!!  It wasn't until we had reached our limit and contacted Bo Roberts, a news anchor who happened to do a piece on "mean girls - bullying in our schools," that the Superintendent took notice.  I received a personal email back from Bo Roberts with contacts for anti bullying programs...which I forwarded to the Superintendent of Lewisville ISD.  The next day my daughter received a card from her counselor letting her know that she can come talk to them anytime... and then up with the anti-bullying posters, followed with a program on bullying... They (the schools) don't like being in the news.... so now they are finally acknowledging that a problem exists; however, it's all fluff because based on this video they have a lonnnnngggg way to go!!  The teacher absolutely should be disciplined and his termination is not even enough.  Not only did he not try to break it up... He never raised his voice or opened the door to scream for help??? In my opinion he is an accessory to this CRIME!!  The union says that teachers have been hurt getting involved???  I'm not buying it, but if that is truly the case; and I would love to see the statistics to include the extent of their wounds,  then give the teachers tazers so they can zap these kids.  I am not even remotely joking!  This needs to be STOPPED!!!!!   We need to keep this issue in the news and expose these bullies, their parents, and the schools that perpetuate them!!!  Arrggghhhh 

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