The Texas Legislature Finally Releases New Proposed Congressional Districts – Tell us What You Think!

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Texas Legislators waited until after the Regular Session to release the new proposed Texas Congressional Map. Now we finally get to see it.

Governor Rick Perry will have to put it on the Special Session Agenda to be voted on by the Texas Legislature. Texas gets FOUR new Congressional Districts. Based on this proposed map, TWO of the new districts will go to the Democrats and TWO will go to Republicans. Does that seem fair considering that Republicans hold over 100 of the 150 State Representative Seats? Obviously there are far more Republicans in Texas and the seats should reflect the desire of the voters of Texas and not just a down the middle split. Some may say that the new districts have to go to minority areas, but that is not only discriminatory, but it is also a false thought that minorities can only be represented by another minority, or even that minorities are not conservative in their beliefs.You could just ask one of the many African American or Hispanic Republican conservative leaders, like my friend State Rep. James White (African American) or Dianne Costa for Congress (Hispanic).

My city of Lumberton, in East Texas, gets split in two by our old District, with Kevin Brady, and a new District. The new district looks strange but it is Republican so I can’t complain about that.

Besides my displeasure with Republicans splitting the new districts with Democrats, and my pleasure with getting a new Republican District in East Texas, I do not have an overall opinion of the map yet until I hear more information about it.

What do y'all think? Is it good for you? Is it bad for you?


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I'm sure the new districts meet ethnic requirements but they look crazy.

Especially 36 wrapping entirely around the Houston area. It should expand in a concise area and move other districts around so they are include areas of common interest. Putting Beaumont, Tomball, and the Sam Houston National Forest in the same district does not make sense. I'd recommend moving 36 more into the West Harris, Waller, Austin, Washington county area and shifting others around.

Running 35 and 21 from Austin to San Antonio is crazy, too. Let 21 fill in the San Antonio side and let 35 take area closer to Austin. There is no need to split up so many counties into 2-3 districts.

Use a standard to measure how consistently compact the districts are. A couple of standards are:
maximize (district area) / (area of circle containing district)
minimize (district circumfrence) / (circumfrence of circle with same area)

Virginia had a college competition to see who could come up with compact districts that met population and demographic requirements.

I like the new Dist 27 map. It puts Nueces County with areas more in a community of interest.

Of course you do.

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