Texas Legislature Honors Texas' Fallen Warriors at State Capitol Friday

As Memorial Weekend kicked off in Texas on Friday, the Texas Legislature took a break to honor 96 Texas Warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice for our state and nation.

KXAN TV in Austin partnered with TexasGOPVote to report:

"Every session, members from both chambers - both sides of the aisle, for that matter - they take some time to gather here in memory of those who have fallen in Afghanistan and in Iraq,” said Gov. Rick Perry, as he addressed a joint session in the Texas House.

"Let these brave men and women be an example to us in the House of Representatives,” said Rep. George Lavender, R-Texarkana. “May we serve our state and nation with the courage and strength befitting of their sacrifice."


After the service, I took a few moments to speak with some families who lost soldiers and Texas Legislators and Senators about the service. 

As the service was concluding, members of the Texas National Guard fired a cannon salute from the eastern lawn of the Texas Capitol in memory of many of their own friends who died in the line of duty.


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