Why Rick Perry should run for president

The right is in a period of welcomed-chaos as political activists, conservative and liberal alike, speak out for and against potential presidential candidates to run against President Obama.

While even within our own political circles, conservatives disagree on many things, one thought I'm sure we are all agree on is that in 2012, Obama and his socialist-esque cronies need to be sent out of the White House and out of Washington.

After Gov. Rick Perry was interviewed on Fox News Wednesday, a republican activist said, "You need to understand the basis of government to run a much larger government," and she is exactly right. Perry's experience as this country's longest-serving governor and his perfect election record would make him an excellent GOP presidential candidate and would surely give President Obama a run for his money in 2012.

While Perry has yet to announce a run for the presidency and doesn't even have an exploratory campaign, he has been hinting at entering his name into the race for sometime. (My guess is that an official announcement will not be made until the end of Texas' special session.)

However, even before entering the race, Perry has racked up endorsements from the Hispanic Republican Conference of Texas and lawmakers from the Arkansas legislature. Multiple Facebook groups have cropped up, encouraging the Governor to run and recent reports indicate there is a definite need for more candidates to enter the race.

Texas' record of job creation and sound economy compared to the rest of the nation puts an extra bullet point for success on Perry's resume.

And while this isn't something conservatives always want to hear, part of the reason President Obama took the election in 2008 was because of his skills as an orator. If you have ever heard Perry speak in public, he is an engaging speaker and could easily rile up and win over the electorate based on that fact alone.

While we can all nitpick potential presidential candidates, the GOP must keep in mind that no perfect candidate exists and without a candidate who can win, we have no chance of taking back our country.



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Perry will be the President for all of us...unless you are a woman, Jew, Muslim, Catholic, atheist, gay, lesbian, black, hispanic, immigrant, poor, young, old, union member, pro-choice, government employee, teacher, Democrat, liberal or moderate.

I'm sure that the fact that he's leaving Texas with a 27 billion dollar deficit will be fine with most Republicans, that's what they do, just not fine with the rest of us!!!

Rick Perry is the ONLY candidate of either party, declared or undeclared, that can boast of creating jobs while in political office!  During the Obama reign, 40% of ALL jobs created in the US were created in Perry’s Texas!  Pretty impressive!  BY contract, according to the Fact Checker in today’s (19 Jun)  Washington Post, "since Barack Obama has been president…there are 2.5 million fewer jobs."

Also with the exception of Ron Paul, Perry is also the ONLY candidate that has ever served in the Military which the President presides over as Commander-in-Chief.  Perry was commissioned in the Air Force in 1972 out of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets ROTC program and after completing pilot training, flew C-130 tactical airlift in the States, Middle East, and Europe.  He left the Air Force in 1977as a captain.  Ron Paul, a medical doctor, was an Air Force flight surgeon from 1963 to 65 and fulfilled the rest of his military obligation in the Air National Guard until 1968.  He served during but not in Vietnam.

At least Perry won’t have to learn how to salute or identify the insignias of rank.  If you want to know how I really feel about things, check out my Blog at: http://old-soldier-colonel.blogspot.com

I have a rule of thumb when it comes to considering a candidate for election.
Never elect a candidate on their first run.
Texas is too diversified as a state for Gov. Perry to take all the credit for job growth.
His position on education nearly reck the system not too long ago.
His position on gambling has allowed millions upon millions of dollars to hemorrhage into neighboring states with casinos.
The only reason he has continued to remain Gov. is simply because we haven't had candidates popular enough to take him out.
My vote goes to Ron Paul, Debra Medina, & Ted Cruz.
So, as a Hispanic female in a Democrate majority region, I applaude you and wish you well.

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