How to win Minorities

A recent story in USA Today showed a severe problem about Republican strategy for 2012 when they did a story on Republican outreach to Hispanics. Or I should say the lack of Republican outreach to Hispanics. Hispanics are the fastest growing minorities in key Red States and there is virtually no outreach to this important group, but then again, with very few exceptions, this has been standard operating procedure over the past four years.

I have been part of the exception as the current President of Americas PAC, an organization founded by the late Richard Nadler and a research associate with Americas Majority Foundation. Our goal is simple; expand the conservative Majority by reaching to groups ignored in the past. Richard Nadler’s research indicated that there were significant differences existing between minority voting patterns and their specific ideological affinities. Further, he found that while the minorities’ media were cost effective to penetrate, Republicans still conceded this territory to Democrats. Our first ads met fierce response with the usual allegations of Republican racism and Mr. Nadler's original client ran to the hills.

Our first lesson showed that culture specific ads were best left to independent expenditure groups directed by campaign technicians who have experience dealing with minority issues. John Atrevogt, one of our present research associate and head of our public relations, remembers the early days of the program when Mr. Nadler order's was that the ads would be defended to the hilt and no backing down.

Democrats and their allies always insisted that any Republicans or conservative ads be without controversy, but since our ads were designed to go toe to toe with those hard hitting ads from the left, we knew that we would be targeted by the left. When questioned by the media, our response often began with the words, “So what?” We hit all issues from abortion to education and the need to lower taxes. One of our favorite ads linked the Democrat position on abortion to Margaret Sanger's racist agenda. One reporter looked for information on our original ads that cost us our first client before we went independent. Mr. Nadler quipped to the reporter that he thought of running the ad again just to rub the opposition's nose in it and the reporter laughed.

We have run 100,000 ads in the minority communities over the past decade defending free market ideas in the minority communities with success. In 2004, our program produced a 16% Black vote for George Bush, allowing Bush to carry Ohio and the presidential election. Last year, Republicans carried 14% of black voters in Wisconsin, aiding in the Republican tak over in that blue state. We have also run ads challenging conventional wisdom on climate change and defended Bush’s war on terror, but the majority of our ads dealt with promoting conservative ideas to minorities.

The biggest problem with Republicans since the 2010 election is that we have allowed the left to shape the narrative at a time where their ideas have failed miserably. Among minorities, the hope and change has devastated their communities as unemployment among Hispanics and African-Americans has approached depression levels.

The key to winning minority votes is to tell the truth through their media about their plight and how the left has caused it. Republicans' communication among minorities has been so poor that many minorities actually believe that Democrats will lower their taxes, protect their unborn children from being aborted and improve their schools. We are the voice that tells the truth. Our goal is to start our campaign early by doubling our efforts in key battleground states to set the agenda.

To help, you can send a check to:

Tom Donelson
Americas Majority Foundation
2560 Plymouth Street
Marion, Iowa 52302

Tom Donelson
Americas PAC
2560 Plymouth Street
Marion, Iowa 52302

Any questions can be sent to: [email protected]


Americas Majority Foundation is tax exempt. Americas PAC is a 527, which is not tax deductible.  Thank you.


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The idea that we can simply inject messaging through ads within Hispanic media falls short because Hispanics realize we are trying to "get their vote."  It is my opinion that before Hispanics believe our messaging, they must first overcome the negative stereotypes and false accusations about our Party.  Direct contact with Hispanics in their community, through initiatives utilizing Party volunteers puts a face on the Party.  If those faces are Hispanic, then those former Independent Hispanics will see the Republican Party is diverse...Inclusive of all.  Until Hispanic Republicans decide to put in extra time and effort by volunteering their precious time to the cause, we will not make the impact required to turn the community.  Advertising does work, but right now, we're just overcoming obstacles...Liberals have been brainwashing the Hispanic community for decades.  As they say, it takes a long time to turn a big ship around...

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